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A common cause of this accident is the tension dependent on a de-

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upon the heart and vessels. The heart muscle is weakened

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of salines, to produce free catharsis. As a remedy for round

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di.'^tinct sub-class of the Mammalia, for which I propose the name

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subject for years past, from the social condition of the country,

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the annual consumption of glycerine in the Paris hospitals rose from

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of an inflammatory, rheumatic or neuralgic character, and

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on these structures. The pupil is dilated by drugs (1)

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ruary, 1862, and these symptoms had gradually increased. In July he

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by the same action, steadies the rhythm of the breathing.

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tinued up to this time to be of nearly pure blood, began to assume

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upon the stomach. Ale, stout and beers contain from 4 to

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Antimony and potassium tartrate, 4 gm.; boiling distilled water,

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son might issue, such changes as the more advanced knowledge of

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drug, like other purgatives, may aggravate the damage pro-

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it was voted " that the Censors at Large are hereby instructed not to

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ing, etc.) ; and in reflex action by which the cord transmits

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ing. The nutrients of importance are proteids, fat, and

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peculiar points of interest were, the persistent uterine haemorrhage,

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the occiput to the right groin, the forehead to the left sacro-iliac

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Phthisis. I Croup. I Scar. Fev. I Pncumon. I Variola. I Dysentery. I Typ. Fever. I Diphtheria.

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There was some thirst. On examination of the heart, a slight but

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But the day will come, we hope, when considerations of convenience

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which occurred in the west part of the town several years ago, when

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lO pupil had a turbid aspect. The iris was apparently little changed

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exist during this medication that it should be stopped.

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and the signs and numbers for the proper quantities and

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cent, aqueous solution. It is a powerful antiseptic, and is

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Elimination. — Potassium chlorate is eliminated by all

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fleshy, was severed as near to the tumor as possible, having been

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Another drop of the same extract of the Calabar bean, as was

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The interior arrangements include every thing required for the com-

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