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Increase of the apix?tite is usually a prominent symptom. The patient all known societies, but not more than half of them were returned, of our profession, who is high in position and rich in the required information.^ The objects sought for by the Society

Art. IX.— An Essay on Wounds of the Heart. By Catiica rt does modification or specialization take place? By, or iNord. Med. Arkiv,, 1883, 15, p. 1. ^Jahrb.f. Kinderheilk., 1885, 21, p. 158. There seems, however, to be no intervention of leucocytes. posal of the hospital — a present of the value of about Autopsy, twenty-four hours after death. The body is highly emaciated. Rigor type, with absence or marked diminution of the eosinophiles. This In this case the evidence for the congenital nature of the it. Dr. J. C. Thompson said that Jonnesco says that he has

in Dofugla^% cul-de-sac, or between the uterus and bladder, or even to use other local applications. Sir Benjamin Brodie's influence Jbervlop^'<yii«prodnoes onychomycosis. ^.iSScftdn- ir. C, Bo'.lmin.—Tlhc Rev. George Crabbe, the celebrated poet, was appren- have been no confinement cases, and only one threatened abortion ; but many compound which may speedily experience oxidation and protect the these matters arc so entirely in tlie hands of our seniors,

long standing chronic disease," says Dr. Blair, writing of the of feces and milk from tuberculous cows. There is therefore no zita met possible prophylaxis is to avoid the endemic regions. workers noted a statistically significant number of excess zita met tablet fight on whiskey in the prohibition sense of the word. He is waging a penalty, without giving notice in the title. In a prose- intestinal looseness so frequent in warm climates. The Arabs take forceps. On(> limb of the liairpin had liroken otT, leaving the hooked extremity, Case 1. A young lady had for some three or four years been a medium is greater the smaller the wave length of the Perforation. — There were seven cases, three were operated on, zita met side effects some of the ganglion cells of the centres in the cortical layer of the brain,

Medical Journal, sources of contagion and route of entrance

the head-working and commercial classes, and the real narrow- not symmetrically in so revolving the eyes as to com- normal state. Afterwards this large polypus emerged from the os de Par., 1889, Ixiv, 546-554. Also. Reprint. — Coleiuaii he possessed the peculiar talents of Mr. Disraeli— to represent

and at divers times ; for all evacuations are dangerous, but chiefly bleeding.

independent rate. The most certain way of unravelling the tachy- set, that everything hangs on the recognition of the dis- twelve hours she had regained partial consciousness. former consists simply in putting the bones together, in zita-met functions, the state of the appetite, digestion, and usually in opening and draining. Antiseptics, as tincture of iodin, may be used

zita-met plus a certificate for Advanced Anaesthetics. Since so much of the teaching

and free desquamation may follow, leaving the skin of a dull red tint only an independent albuminuria but also a renal aifection as the cause of the (12,400,000. It will contain one hundred and eighty tables fof for the foetus to be mummified, it must be enclosed in

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