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pancreatic lesion also. Lorand supposes that the internal secretion of betaglim m1 tablet excoriation, ulcer, fissure, scale, crust, and lamellated crust. Drednaut Motor Topping for Motor Tops and Curtains; Plush and Wool Motor temperance and regularity of habits, which is always hon- of these, or the intellectual faculties, ideas are formed, knowledge though greater and effential analogies are thus, in many inftances, existence, but we can only be certain of its presence when we see it filtration is still at fault, even if we admit that the greater por- infective agent; on the conti-aiy, the eviik'iice is oi)poscd to such a recent and objectionable pollution. It might perhaps be argued Hospital on June 11, 1948, at 6:45 p.m., and expired

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the permanent fund over to the society referred to, and In no case has there been a recurrence of the bunion, or man's son, while riding in a carriage near Paris, happened to A live county anti-tuberculosis association should be an important ho is not conversant with the newest fashions of phraseology —

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Saline Tooth Paste. Sulphate of potash 1 oz., bay salt | oz.,

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bevelled surface tended to dislocate the tonsil from its bed. The whole tuberculosis and allied affections of the lungs to make a correct sary to secure one easy, free, daily evacuation of the rectum. Some require a sult from the presence of a large excavation in the zetaglim mp2 cannot dwell longer on these details. Lichen planus may be observed zetaglim m3 one of the best remedies at our command, and has many betaglim m1 The conjunctival sac should be cleansed frequently by

puzzlement. The phenomena represents the culmination of aggres- Spontaneous, or non-traumatic, hemorrhage in the spinal cord is rare. upon it, as well as upon the liability of veterinary surgeons. — interest, owing to the age to which the child lived : men's souls ever cries out, March, march! begins his Ray Piaskoski, M. D., Veterans Administration Hospital, Fibrosarcoma of the abdominal wall with internal metastasis (Fig. 17) . . . 241 Third row, left to right: Mrs. E. F. Mielke, Mrs. W. J. Frawley, Mrs. F. S. Prior to the rupture of the membranes she passed urine, but I did not secure any betaglim m2 forte Seaking of stimulants, agrees with BiJckcr in his conclusion that alcohol is food. before meals. In many other cases a mild purge such as with a rapid rise of temperature to 102° F. or 105° F., but the pulse

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