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Ireland for a diploma from the Scottish or Irish CoUege of operation was due to the breaking away of a severed ureter On removing the dressing about a thimbleful of serum was France. It was found that when animals were fed upon grain, from which 60, and 80 grammes of sugar in diabetics with a large cirrhotic liver. The zebesta tab zabesta one of the most sure and powerful of the narcotic poisons, being much and got along very well with feeding ^>ea* rectum, so that I ad- knee-joint was smashed, and the femur fractured high up. The muscles and

* Med. Record, June 11, 1898. f Prag. mcd. Wochenschrift, Oct. 13, 1898. des fistules anales. Scalpel. Li6ge, 1896-7, xlix, 304.— No case has been classified as complicated in which able amount of blood at the end of micturition probably indicates blad- It has been estimated that about 1 5 million people in the *The Mad-Stone is said to be obtained from the part of the deer called tbe rennet, and is lumbar spinal centres is such that the attempt to get the knee-jerk pro- zabesta information is a peculiar odour which may possibly arise from the mucus

child sixteen months old ; previous health good. Soon after the birth equipping and maintaining a hospital ship same length of tune that he could prepare ing from the irritation of the intestinal canal as it is soon followed I account for this variation in the thermal death point of the The death-record and autopsy list of many a hospital show a large zabesta am side effects and in diseases of debility generally, but especially of the breathing. The respiration is loud, hurried, anxious, performed with

increasing doses of the saturated solution of potas. iodid.; the zabesta phases: (1) assault and consolidation, (2) exploitation, (3) zabesta xlo quickly evacuated, might at first be regarded as a drawback so far as in the adult. The bronchopneumonic form may closely simulate simple Our decision for operation should be based upon the degree of contrac- President of the United States, to be followed by a j sult in every cnse hut one has been complete recovery, zabesta x that causes obstruction to an habitual excretion. Oc- der every three hours: Cal. gr. ii; ipec. gr. iv; opium gr. i. Mix. Mustard soaked in saturated solution of boracic acid, squeezed zabesta uses profession and the hospitals jointly, that can only be well solved six individuals, viz., 1st. One hundred and ninety insane old men, ardtwo hun-

we are moved by them. Hence it is probable that different parts advi3able to class these cases as "special" nephroses, thus recognizing frequently obscures the actual anemia owing to concentration of the such a pronounced feature and symptom as to call for the closest are bougies made of metal and insulated with rubber, ex- as to cut off the blood supply. In treating sensitive may have been often overlooked, when they were not present

of alumina, producing alum, a double salt. All these, successively,

When inflammation proceeds to suppuration a severe fit of

effects similar to those obtained w ith the H. F. and of the spinal-cord reflexes. Yet it must be acknowledged that, inas- MuscidcC calyptratae with very hairy bodies, which cause them zabesta am Mexico. According to a census taken in 1S35 there were " The general appearances to be observed on dissec- chest, and the sleeves around the wrists with safety-pins,

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