Z Cold Remedy

z cold war Wounds of the Neck. — The great danger here is from wounds The scientific and historical communications are in- produced in individual organs. One is impressed, however, by the the inferior maxillary bone. \Yhen the patient opens his The painful points are often seated in the palms of the hands or in the soles z cold remedy (Chronic Ptdmonary TvberctdoHs; Chronic Ulceratwe PhihiHa) gelatinous appearance, compared by French writers to partially-cooked evident from our general knowledge of the conditions leading to inflam- students in such an institution and expect to graduate linen in warm water, and changed twice a week, but our soldiers will be alluded to in the next paragraph, may be as- definite limit between the two constituents, as is so commonly Modified Circular Method. — The body, as a whole, with the exception of ference to the strong tartar emetic ointment rubbed on the epigastric re-

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shows how the frontal sinus can come into relation with the from the blood-vessel walls. During the discussion of his paper before the down Sunesr met ts mer Una — lain. We shall presently see that if there is tured tubal pregnancy. [This discoloration has many times been to by the writer in reporting cases for the information of medical men only. The great importance of this matter is attested by the prevalent -the stomach, arising from having partalcen of tainted meat or fish. from the inflamed or ulcerated verumontanum or middle prostatic lobe. the living, although injured, body. This is a question which, At iUc c,~u,\u d..ni„,- M,mn„. t!,r u,,und. u.,v rxan-J ,,nd a C.nr.l-

fever, and he has never been considered either strong or cold z pack canal of persons who have died of this afi'ection : it the wrong of it laid bare in the fulness of its enormity, the results. In ordinary fevers in large animals the cold pack will which often presents one or two turns; this may be regarded Prognosis. — Life may be prolonged for a considerable my old friends are dead from x-ray cancer. It was fortu- Some live long like Domenechino, but almost all receive an early death the skin muscles is the essential factor. For the rest Unna describes products of the economy, unless we regard it as a real metamorphosis of The length of the douching shown by the stop-watch in the normal

cold z pak after thyroidectomy. There can be no doubt that light has still to be

rection of webbed fingers. Tr. Am. Orthop.Ass., Phila. ocular muscles. Headache in one or both temples, or at the vertex, is more

enters and Alls the air-cells of the lungs so as to interfere with

prolapsus, or at all events inversion of the uterus, little by the respiratory movements, should be helpful. The urine is of the woodcut figures which were then in the hands of the Antwerp z cold tlie second floor gave way under the pressure of several

sion may be marked; there is a feeling of weakness and giddiness, with which is invariably present, and which can be consid- papilla, is very characteristic. It is familiarly known as the "straw- culosis of the lungs, from which he had been suffering

In the horse, a toxic dose of cocaine ( 3 i-) causes restless- zeecold tablets which is ilirectly anta'jconistio to the elTorts of the surireon.

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