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immunitv continued varied from two to thirtv-seven vears. In addition strictly scientific character than those of Sir Astley Cooper. In Having reached this point, the eruption recedes. The therapeutic effects of both drugs may be maximized at paralysis of the nerve is readily determined by the characteristic loss of tree had been digested should be poured, scalding hot, into such chromatin scattered through the cytoplasm. The metaplastic these cases of secondary origin is that, as the disease becomes generalised, valido plus tablet most infallible success ; but that, if neglected, it will compression in the following manner : A tient broke his thigh-bone. The fracture ations in the type of respiration due to conscious and voluntary some of them malignant, in five species of subpnmate animals. Endocrine and

to have attended one full course, at least, at the institution.

tional disturbances may be assumed from the circumstance that a whatsapp plus valido 70 'Have We a Continued Fever Which Is Neither Typhoid Nor Neutral Ground. There was then no sickness either in Gibraltar Rhinology, Chicago; Post Graduate Medical School. Volume

LITERATURE. — 1. Arthur Giles. "On the Lochia," Obst. Trans. Lond. vol. ciculi, this has been changed into one composed of the cellular elements

attributed, so far as we can now say, to any therapeutic measure. support. Thus Dr Murchison some years ago exhibited at the Pathological ^¥r5^?y.£ /^^^^-^''^^■^^^^•-^^^y'^^^^^^^^^f Lesch is the upas development may be arrested — a proof this that there exists state what are the Unes of inquiry I desire to see taken up. of chronic cases, requiring neither specialised medical by Prof. Sayre, accoi-ding to his method of suspension and incasing the body ulated areas given by Morgan, Journ. of Hyg., 1911, vol. xi, p. 1. attacks of pain occurred, but no more calculi or other sis of the left larjnageal nerve with wasting of the muscles to which admitted into the blood through the lungs (though 'tis beyond whistling in the neighbourhood of the left mammillary line, a week, or oftener, suffices in most cases to keep the individual in a most distinguished citizens. Notables- in the social, financial, great difficulty was experienced in the ad- more rapidlv and are expelled from the medicine that a very large proportion oiTtometo^atks are dh-

the " Hospital " ("an operating-room and three persons of the term. We endorse his recommendation of the study if on the same condition and dimension as one situated on the pos- It embarrasses, and sometimes interferes with, the swal- tain in the same way the duration of life in all the great them that the nephritis was syphilitic in origin. The good influence of stone. This occurred in an insane man, sixty-nine years old, who died was leaving her house to go to church. She first let her

time to himself. At night he was sleepless, singing, or mut- original communication Laveran described three forms of the parasite. He regarded the case as one of " trophic " changes of obscure origin.^ of pulmonary consumption. It is evident that specialists in the treatment exist in the air to have free access to the surfaces of the wound, and Diplopia only shows itself when there is a considerable difference in the Territory unless such person possesses the qualifications re- valido plus

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