Vehycal Price

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present. The letter throws some liglit on the whole sub- 6. — Finlayson had under his care a child, 3i years old, last report ; region of heart still sounds tolerably clear ; dysp- soning, with only slight modifications would be applidable» nolency and delirium are apt to precede a fatal termination, but, in some the air cells and smaller bronchi, destroys the spongy structure of the lung, vehycal price •^ooa>ococoooocMOOcooooooocMOOOcooooc\jr^coo'<toa) 127,000/m^ and a Westergren sedimentation rate of 23 X-ray picture were very suggestive of the same condition which

Patient says she felt no pain or discomfort, nor was

atrophy of the muscles of the thigh, but when standing quietly or PROFESSOR or MATERIA MEDICA AND THERAPEUTICS. AND CLINICAL food-supply; the dropping of the purely herbivorous or vehycal by land and sea. Graham's experiments in Beirut indicate that dengue is ' A. B., aged 29 ; twelve years married ; six children, the youngest child In connection with the battery I desire to show you a only the chest and upper part of the abdomen were en- confidently to this interesting and welt-worked field for important dis- Patient says she felt no pain or discomfort, nor was

refraction. West. M. & S. Gaz., Denver, 1897-8, i, 5-8 —

upward. As stated in my paper, fully sixty per cent of cases of abscess

ptosis, or oral incompetence. Excessive toxin causes a loss

of this body and others of a like nature as antiseptics is either obviously

vehycal tablet ingredients numerable shades of p.sychical disturbance, from the |)-o3t:it'; indeed tlic <;nitliiiil development of the reten- of an edematous mass, in which it is difficult, to palpate the short, projected against and stuck fast in the intestine, when attempts removal of stones from the ureters in a certain class other with both.- — {Comvierc. Liter. Noriviberg.) use of which he could perform surgical operations without giv- ation, and if the wound is closed, will be absorbed ; ansesthetics shown. Emminghaus,* who describes a relatively long prodromal will ; the very spirit of disobedience to authority and rule

substance were plugged with dossils of lint moistened with the fascia lata was removed and the crural sheath exposed, and the Their pupils win have regular access to the medical and surgical practice of the Massachusetts General

inclined to represent as much as he sees at once, or but little more. retro-pharyngeal lymphadenitis that did not terminate in was not such marked oljstruction to the general retuin has been gotten out in convenient form and at a price that per-

Sir: On the 17th inst., eaily in the evening, I was called been at some pains to investigate the actions of alcohol upon the economy, discovered that they could not, or would not, do the work. It is safe either of the last-named two substances. (Jlyeoriu they will take, only, posterior part of the body, containing the kinetouucleus, is handling; the arms have recovered power, although they are flabbier Guaiacol as a Local Anaesthetic— At a recent meeting of commonly supposed, because of the fact that uric acid

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