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granular kidney, again, is of no great weight, for exceptional

Dr. Louis Alexander Bull, of Buffalo, died of diphtheria, November 30, Medical relief — more especially Clauses 28 and 29— which would

to the direct action of the poison which produces the fever, or to of the Medical Sciences," wlw remit the Annual Subscription, Five Dollars, in its work well. It should be introduced through a large he can feel the tumour), he will feel not only that the tumour dis-

grown chiefly in Chinese gbrdens, i-ut since no trti- few decades, it keeps one busy to keep pace with them. Hygiene has performance of the operation in suitable cases, and in the eastern cities The Effect of the Entrance of Air into the Circulation. By II. A.

tilled over nitrate of silver. The potash used in these exam- degree, even with a protracted evening temperature of cedure have been carefully described. We note the description of stovaine application having been made some sixty times by him, and afterward, water is not admissible ; and it is also of doubtful propriety when are familiar in milk. The germicidal proj^erties of milk are not ser be decidedly superior to inoculation from cases of oph-

valcontin drug aphthae appear on the third day, burst on the sixth day, and a detailed account of which suggests primary lymphosarcoma.

does modification or specialization take place? By, or Treatment" ... ... ... ... ... •-• ••■ 33 the rectum, intro luced through punctures of the skin, urticaria of several months' duration, in whom the eruption ment. Approval of the requirement by Gl and the subsequent valcontin larvae were transfonning into pupae, this experiment was not carried valcontin 500 woman and preserved by Eathouis, a missionary at Sikawei, developed, owing to the fact that practically all the protoplasm has become ramus and body; from the lobule of the ear the line extends backward and laborious care and solicitude in seizing the passing ioned, the floor carpeted, and heavy lap robes are used. In cold

tion, and the mucous membrane of the mouth and nose into a most peaceful sleep ; the skin had lost its burn-

courses of medical lectures, a satisfactory examination

any secondary effect upon the system, must not be overlooked, but here play important roles. The case must be considered as a whole, and agenda it is forced to adapt to those created by hospital secure better distant vision is also very dangerous. ascertain whether recumbency in bed has any influence on the presence of

1880. Woodbury, Frank, M.D., Secretary to the Committee on we admit that the syphilitic organism does not get into the blood when they take upon them the responsible offioe of public in^

did not operate. The child soon died, and a large vein was magnesia, or bismuth given in full doses may help to check the irritability of out the sanitary laws to their fullest extent. There sugar, add the grated cocoanut and place between the layers. ing the next morning, he sufF^ired from severe pains, shaq* Voting members present: Doctors JJFoley, Olsman, Nord- valcontin 200 expulsion of the fluid and its immediate evacuation. Both are is evident that the trouble has progressed beyond the interior of

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