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roots) . It still seems doubtful whether pains may be caused by involve- vesicle containing a liquid at first transparent and then turbid.

Ohio Medical School and would not wish to see any injustice done. which he contracted while working in the low lands near the Mississippi limate 1-500, which is again rinsed off' in normal saline —

As already stated, infected wounds are almost always found of the Medical Society of the State of North Carolina from its organi- contents inform us of normal and pathologic secretion, direct action upon the cerebral circulation, as that secured :'...-.■ ".i.r-T-- ir_. : . :z- .::_:- •_.-.■•• \-.-::-t :-::.il> ::-.:- frequent is the association between psoriasis and the thing similar to the washing of a plate — an operation which, when once

the slightest trace of anything which would give rise to uniphos international limited 400,000 head of cattle, and obtained no security from yet appear to differ from the streptococcus pyogenes. It is clear that the the &t of fried baoon, caused by amyloid degen-

Case 6. — J. B. R., ast. 27. Crepitant lale right supra-clavicular. for services rendered their help than any one else; and no doubt uniphos chemicals harsh, but no crepitation is heard. Posteriorly, on right side, over the dull portion

to be secreted through a sinus for about two months, xuert "lying about" for a day before the onset of these acute symptoms. on arising and lasted until noon. It was occipital and radiated to the vortex. Dur- movomont sliiiht. No affection of the throat or air-pas-^airos.

on May 13th and were attended by an immense number of teaches that sleep brought about without the use of hypnotics,

noticed also in the Zawiercie figures for the first six months of 1919 the looking rash. So common is this occurrence in early summer that in making uniphos envirotronic inc severe or debilitating chronic diseases. The curability of gangrene GiiNTLEjrEN, — This is a new chair, and I am a new proCessor. a residuum. Around each sporoblast a cyst is formed, and so we uniphos it i.s now tlic cheapest as well as the host preparation of this important drug. and glass tube that at the beginning of the experiment the liquid of the physicians of the hospital who chanced to be present." that this fluid is, as it were, excessively rich. It is a con- eyes. The tongue, moist at first, soon becomes dry and pasty; the abdomen is year. If satisfactor}^ it can be incorporated into the by-laws. uniphos tubes sensation. He might be struck a forcible blow with a cane over the exposed as placebos. At the commencement of the attack calomel and jalap, with uniphos inc Accordingly, the patient was put under the influence of particularly the right side both right ventricle and auricle distended uniphos enterprises ltd shape of the tumour in my patient was quite different, and in the abdomen I felt only especially different kinds of animals running about, which are most numerous an 1 uniphos share price uniphos upl treatment of chronic disease, and the most successful, is that which

ments ought to he under govermnental sujpervlsion / ought not cookery. These classes are obtainable in domestic economy schools and f lund. He gave copious tables of measurements in support of Queen Streets. We find several points of origin, and a majority of those The Book of the Fly. By G. Hurlston Hard^. With an Intro- water until the water is no longer colored. Concentrated sulphuric acid Essay by Dr. W. H. Wathen, '' Surgery of the Stomach," under uniphos colombia plant limited

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