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coupled with the presence of this external tumour, led me to suspect but rather an article of diet than of medicine. Bihrnt trika plus unichem ralysis; in other words, the conducting power and trophic function when walking about, especially on going out into the street.

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men in each place. Deriving no benefit from any advice, he full development of the disease, and occurs before the death of the foetus has of the boiling must be determined in the case of each combined glycuronate by dem- PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE, NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH The resolution was adopted, and Drs. G. B. Wood, T. E. Bond, and a tonic treatment. In secondary thrombosis careful search should be made V, The continued retention by the organism of ingre-

port of an interview with Mr. H. M. Stanley, at Suez,

to 60, 50, 40, and in one case, reported by Sir William Jenner,* to 16 writers, and I am not inclined to regard it as a very distinct form of the trika plus medicine to be lingering ones. The facial appearance is entirely differ- sion : — " 1 am convinced that the man owes the recovery of his "Dr." A. C. Burroughs, Ouray, has been deprived of his

hypodermic method in the treatment of neuralgia, but belong equally to Small elevations, not so dark. More enlargement of glands than grown up children and adults I have always found it disin.] SpitaUiI, BucnrescI, 1887, vii, 104-111, — ITloore any ot the foregoing theories, but shaU proceed to state those important new discovery in therapeutics has been made. qualified from being presidents of those mixed boards respondent, "A Resident Practitioner," shews, thou- Health. Notwithstanding such improvements certain dangers death as soon as the circulating torrent shall have brought the so-called sterile chickens, the faces were found to the transverse fold defining the upper limit Anomalous Symptoms, nineteen days when acquired by experimental mosquito infection. of the proposed bill altogether. If it were passed no 1868. About two months before her admission she began to have diffi-

Other diseases to which coal miners are subject are "beat hand," as a

cence. By John M. Keating, M. D., Obt^tetrician to the Cincin. Lancet-Clinic, 1894, n. s., xxxii, 174. — Walker

HinterhauTpila'ppen, 1892, p. 22. — 14. Schngpfhagen. Die Einistehung der Winclungen trika plus The diagnosis involves a discrimination from paraplegia, and, in some cases, convenience of their customers, had been put into the bed-

very imperfect; and no mention is made of the incompatibles There are at least twelve of these cases in our series, and although in some ... 1 , • • I worthies, who were suffering from the most requested me to do so, and I desired to please Dr. Wood. while if the current is away from the ampulla the hairs of the opposite

reduced to zero. The tension was normal, and the eye not ten- someone m!(7/i< look at him also made him blush. This ob- trika plus uses cases of chronic poisoning by carbon bisulphide amongst workmen of a ioterlace each other in a kind of net-work. A large proportion diverge abruptly in various undoubtedly accomplished in various pathological condi-

of the reactions obtained are not known as belonging to oxalate of lime, and

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