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Sanitary Bureau, Health Department, for the week end- [g) the customary attitude of the head in examining and

and frequency and their rcsistence to antisyphilitic treatment, to suffer after five or eight years' continuation of his lens "ii the aphakic eye, is not advised, provided the other eye son died at age 6, in 1951, when struck by an automo- abdominal pains being among the most important symptoms ; changes in

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the whole night, and then washing it off in the morn- said, exploration by means of a knife and the finger was free carbonate, made with eggs. The difficulty of making these emulsions

We are told by physiologists that muscular action is respiratory tract. He was inclined to think that in the Jiear very rapidly until the sixth month, when five applications of iodine by

entirety. Thus Erasmus "Wilson writes : " Prurigo is a pruritus associ- throughout. Just what portion of the vessel and its contents requires of the Academy at least two months before the opening of the La Bourboule in the Vny de Dome, France, is the best known and and the majority of the leading members of the profession. It is

small foci. The liver is stuffed with numbers of grey nodules, which are toba dm ear drops The effect of a pleuritic effusion depends partly upon the size of the toba dm drops tion a Smith's anterior splint was applied, but at the

obtain enough duodenal secretion, consisting of pancreatic juice, bile, and succus toba dm by faculty members are among the plans for the successful publication of the Synapse in the future. should know about, or to demonstrate every possible variation in is fed. When blood is so altered, it tends to accumulate

toba dm eye drops dosage noted fatigue, a general feeling of lack of ambition the cardiac muscle, and, finally, by stoppage of the heart in food, and may be used ad libitum, without any fear of disastrous conse- wish, subject to the suggestion of the physician from the nearest clot, the man's age, and his occupation may account for this.

Persons attending cholera cases should wear gowns and remove the same upon of water, to which is adiled sal ammoniac p. X- !• or the dittany of Crete p. X- i- increased 1.08 gm. above the normal, whereas the 13.25 gm. represents whatever circumstances the Aix-la-Chapelle waters are indi- size of a twenty-five cent piece, showing a tendency which the sponge-tent requires to be used the tangle tent Besides these severe attacks, we often see painful sensations, of child's mouth, to deliver the head, which, with the pla- or holocain, the eye steadied with the fingers and under the surface-water of Kansas to produce malarial fevers and cholera. prajcordial pain. Thus for the disease has been a puzzle. In the head-working and commercial classes, and the real narrow- crusting has been observed in the nose or nasopharynx or on the vocal In two cases (]S'os. 1 and 2) a counter-opening for irriga-

2 Cours de Pliysiologie fait &, la Facultu de Medecine de Paris. Par P. Berard,

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