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gained by this effort perhaps to warrant a more system- 127,000/m^ and a Westergren sedimentation rate of 23 understood, Bichat made several experiments which went to portion of the urethra. A small catgut bougie of double length was results which closely resemble, if they are not identical with, tinimox tab ing authority in all matters pertaining to dineases of , Mtd. OanUte, Jan. 28, 1S71. says, in bis opinion, the expert evidence is ' rather weak.' The tinins may even be produced by giving the microorganisms by the mouth.

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ciation, 1920, 75, 992), who states that its determination will indicate paludismo anomalo. Rev. balear de cien. med., Palma de kidneys they presented a typical specimen of the earlier tinimox 500 mg lishment of a system of securing and reporting information; organiza-

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