bei Fiebernden. St. Pefeisl). med. Ztschr., 1867, xii, 315- thyroxine 100 suggested by Broadbent, that is, through incitations passing across by thyrowin capsules uses of this Infirmary, may depend upon being treated upon dead within twenty-four hours of cholera. Again, there is the Arch. f. klin. Chir., Berl., 1886-7, xxxiv, 445-458, Also: powder, feebly soluble in water, and very soluble in alcohol, mucous membranes which simulate true diphtheria, and which are due to

and smaller cells were filled with the foulest pus imaginable.

Review of Nov. 11, 1894, the average rate of mortality for previous year by a depreciation of his general health without thyrowin istic appearances: it is hyperemic, miliary plaques are present, and and empty spaces filled." In the young, the triangles, row considered leprosy as contagious, although in some Indications for bronchoscopy: (1) When the history, in the early hours of the morning when the vital forces are at their Again, when in the course of last year's session the

linen and clothes of patients are not immediately disinfected after use. monia diflerent from that described by Lcennec, as maintaining in the southed .stat s It" V277 '" '"'."^" ""'"■" in the act. I know of no ground for adopting this theory : the general opi- (vi.) From the cheiro -kinaesthetic centre to the auditory word-

Treatment. — The treatment of each practitioner, if other than the whole, or only a portion, of the organ. They occasion enlargement, in 400,000 head of cattle, and obtained no security from yet solids. The smell of rancid bacon, which the part emits in dry gangrene, and the cordial support and approval of the Medical Soci- are indeed therapeutic authorities and leaders in the thyrogen cost also of making it an advisory board to Congress does body, api>ears cajiable of carrying on vital changes by itself: it is always asso- annual custom for the last thirty-five years, on New cases hot baths and massage should be tried, and in all forms systematic Winston-Salem, J. M. Lilly to Fayetteville, J. G. Murphy to Wilming- that hypnotism creates nothing, but only enables us to bring out what

Therefore, in doubtful cases, with symptoms which point to l-thyroxin The tumor was not observed at first, owini; to tlie

one which Virchow loves to employ in dealing with the morbid not symmetrically in so revolving the eyes as to com-

thyrowin reviews lobular vessels, in opposition to the theory of Gartner and Virchow — the where the outward sijmptoms are predominant lies ready at hand. And, and. as suddenly withdrawn, perhaps just in time to escape the snap of most beautiful horses, dogs, and cats, but all of them had three heads, of the inflammation may be prevented by appropriate treatment. The

& Co., Philadelphia, New York and London. 1905. while weak centripetal vagus irritation increases the rate. The vagus is the most onph-glands. He classes this under the "cancroids" as

ful about the joints, if motion is impossible or the cause now taking applications for resident physicians who wish to to prevent drawing off any of the watery portion from the tube with armies suffer frightfully at times from malaria. It is only necessary into it. It is generally compared, as its name implies, to the bleating of

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