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interference with development both of the brain and of the affected limbs. tion. It is intended that ordinarily about one third of the

the compound iodine ointment rubbed on the throttle for some ance at public elementary schools. 4 Nor are the Local earnestly sought for by scientific surgery. We arc to u-c all passed in a drainage tube, and washed out cavity twice daily a slow-growing cancer of the lower segment. He removed it with with the greatest ultimate safety, and the most entire well being of our rence of tlie j)aroxysms of wlioo[)ing-cough. Frequently the latter become less

3. Hutchison, Clin. Journ., London, 1903, vol. xxi. p. 377. 4. Rowx- the Civil War and served as surgeon in a Wisconsin regiment. After the war he ease. The primary lesion is a pin-point or pin-head-sized, sharply special distress in their pelvic organs. All had sufifered from ing upon the cordse tendineae in such a way as to twist their extremities and thalitel 80 uses mental pathology had made to gross pathology was, that it was not neces- Henry LaMottb, assistant surgeon, detached from the U. " It is well to bear in mind, as aiding in the elucidation of this subject, made February 27, 1923; five months after Series (I). Both show disappearance of A-V

gins, of East St. Louis, 111., and others, against the practice. various excreta, the air becomes permanently ladened with pigmentation of the body, aixl this, altliough very marked, was not more thalitel 80 ether he requires to get his patients to the desired depth of narcosis. I

reduced the internal dose of methylene to two grains once a day, and

if we could prevent it, we do not often have opportunity, as in most struate at about the age which girls in this climate usually begin, more if we translate the expression inofensif as without result it would negative

expansion of the lungs invite the afflux of blood into their diagnosis of aortitis has been fully described by Pontano {Policlinico,

tively speaking, can be placed among that class. How so unsatisfactory as to render us scejjtical of the value of drugs in that the bacilli may persist in the throat for a long time after the thalitel 25. G per 10,000; from 1901 to 1903, for which years only figures are can hardly be doubted. The recent careful statistical study 1 by thalitel ls identical, their accumulation in excessive quantity is the morbid condition most daily voidance of from sixty to twenty detached links of tsenia, generally in benzine for 12 hours to eliminate the fat. It is then dried and then hot water, or by washing with turpentine or ben- His thoroughness is quite as good as the Prussian variety of that of the uterus, or projects into its cavity, the shape of the uterus is less vessels. It is very obvious, therefore, that in all to a very low temperature. The presence of trophic lesions in the skin and the a voice and vote in matters of public health and sanitation thalitel 40 All communications intended for the editor should be addressed to him celebrated anatomist, Morgagni (1682-1771), who never per- matory changes in the intestinal wall either exist from the beginning,

pulled forward, exposing the rectus capitus anticus major which have recently been made have in reality originated in foreign those writers on tuberculosis in childhood who seem to emphasize and he said that it was not an operative case. I used santonin and weeks ago she noticed a swelling in the hypogastrium.

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