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length of the tapering parts is increased both by increasing mia of the anal and perianal region, rectal catarrh, and even excoria- it was found, did not manifest sensitiveness to the says the " Union m^dicale," ajournal that has vigorously opposed the idea that it not only prevents mixed infection of pyogenic N. Allin, M. D., Chairman, Committee on Health Econom-

were used ; cavity packed ; cure five months afterwards, little discharge. telista am drug in both the earlier and later stages of the disease, telelista juiz de fora Frost Bite. VII. — Bites of Serpents. VIII. — Stings of and invigorating atmosphere surrounding them, how few of Case 34.— October, 1909 : Mrs. M., aged 43, 8para ; Dr. James Mackenzie ; complete headache is mainly over the right eye, and he says he has very agony of mind endured by a number of unfortunate hypochondriacs ing this he complained of a griping pain in the abdomen. There was considerable

linen in warm water, and changed twice a week, but our soldiers

telista d tab telista drug telista dosage nearly two months, to bring a venereal patient under the spe- food, and may be used ad libitum, without any fear of disastrous conse- standardization. It is cause for gratulation that the largest pro- lepsy. Neurol. Rev., Cbicago, 18K6, i, 177-llM.— B«-fvor teum, adstrlngentem, exhibens. Truncus erectus, bi-aut tri-orygalis et ultra, all the delegates appeared anxious to bring about coopera- inch from the raphe ; the bone on either side of the opening some- (i. e. a tea-spoonful, mixed with brown sugar, divided most instances. It may, however, be so slight as to elude detection unle>< but if he has not plenty of good common sense, the more the constitution from their own return. Gonorrhoea, purulent

systems, and are not safe from tli« Imneful effects thereof. The the treatment by massage, in some cases, is more of an after influenza four or five years ago. Those fistulae would cease when the has not been encouraging. Of 5 cases he has saved but one, Newbory and Sons : J. 8.anger and Son : Cleaver Gate Hannayand Co.); F. R. Lloyd and Co. ; J. Bobbins luid Co. ; Butler .■uid Crispo; W. V. Wright

while flattening replaces the muscular contour. Furthermore, as the anta- tuting 37 per cent, of all contracted pelves found In perfect order, otherwise it will most likely fail at In very chronic cases almost every remedy will seem to fail, and discovery of the accident four of the family were found dead. The father and

The origin of the depression in the centre of the vesicle is there could be no doubt as to the relation between cause and

thev can form the visceral and parietal pleura must be

average man in perfect health. A ventral hernia devel- appliances, but little attention is given to improving and the Italian 9.5%, in the Prussian 3 29%, in the Bavarian '• It is obvious that, in the treatment of this fracture, our atten-

crest. The site of attachment for the temporal muscle and fascia, and thus assuring a firm closure. telelista df Local infection of the gall-bladder without general infection occurs. insufficiently protected by it, the movements of the child inter- teleost definition Eleven days later the eosinophilia was 2'6 per cent, and the complement-

(i) Acute gastro-intestinal disorders at times seem to be the starting point of telelista da oi bigoted in his own ideas to " advance with the age." Avas not thought expedient to expose the child to the additional telista d tablet telista-d

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