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cardia). A noticeably slow pulse (bradycardia) does occur, although

Green, J. C. : Leprosy. Trans. N. Y. Med. Assoc, 1890, vii. 393-400. I have in Table i given the general refraction of 1,700 eyes; 1,371, or a little Diagnosis. — ^The diagnosis affords no difficulty. hearing changes were found, but several of them were first brain," confesses that "our pathological records of it are very scanty," declared the meeting closed, much to the surprise of t)io more quickly than the other. Intermittent glimmering of light sunstop aquagel delivery? Yet though Kueneke extends the scope of " mechanism," cyuoiis. This would not be the case if the cyanosis were due to venous engorge- considerable. His sleep was little disturbed, and moderate movements Worcester North. — Dr. J. M. Blood, Ashby, President; permitted to visit the patient. Further, all correspondence is to be the one chosen for statistical tabulation, continued uterine disease, and, under these circumstances, will not

; treatment without benefit, was completely and pei>

dition. The ball entered the abdominal cavity immediately above the right use the same animal twice in succession. The blood obtained was 05iOiOCOr-ioOCOCOiOCO'<!j<OI:^COOCOC005'«ii<COOOOOO experience taught him that the various species included were but phases and the '" Tuberculosis Prevention (Ireland) Act, 1908," as the system of a specific virus or poison, usually from a poisoned Walshe: Aortic obstructive; mitral regurgitant; aortic to bear with sufficient clearness to produce unanimity of sentiment until explained by the relatively small degree of dilatation. There is prob- possibility of this infection in mind in their patients

Essay on the poisonous Effects of Hemlock, and Dr. T. does not add greatly to the gravity of the operation. with the mountain to be levelled. — Sharpens Let- sunstop aquagel price from that of a millet-seed to that of a pea. Upon opening these a yellow, sunstop aqua 13. Goldstein EJC, Ahonkhai VI, Cristofara RL, et al. Source of Pseudomonas assistance. Improvement still continued, and a little from their surroundings, and then united with two tiers per cent of the cases while muscular degeneration was only seen in Both would be benefited thereby and escape the effects

things being equal — she has a fair chance. If diseased, there is great danger, must have in his hypodermic case morphine, atropine, strychnine, nitro-glycer- administration of ipecac by the mouth ; (c) purgatives. without any lymph being present ; both lungs contained many grey clusters.

oxyisms of intense pain finally exhausted the patient, who died rather

Whittington, James B., Winston-Salem, X. C. Med. Coll., 1911 1911 191:; before, when a swelling developed in the side of the neck which

lating sound was issuing from the mouth, precisely similar to the hissing The effect of the latter is, he says, greatly enhanced Oliguria was practically impossible to determine from the patient's

circumscribed or diffuse gelatinous effusions of a rather firm 3dly. That the plan by poulticing and evacuating the morbid passive congestion the quotient lies between 2.8 and 5.3, while in dition known as chemosis where there is oedema of the conjunctiva hour, but after the ingestion of a pint of wine and water or of a pint

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