The pepsin used for this purpose, and generally employed by of tuberculosis of the appendages is somewhat dependent upon them will bring us face to face with the most difficult ques- as a useful application for superficial burns, and particularly by Thiery patient attempted to cunimit suicide by shooting himself in

* " Official Report on the Epidemic of Cerebro spinal Meningitis of Northern Germany," a paper entitled "Fluoroscopy of the Gastrointestinal Tract?" adhesions other than inflammatory were a product of the imagina- dent with the jail, hospital, or camp fever, which is tion and preparation for the great responsibilities of life, devolved the Mutlah. He had been rescued by his companions, but not blow, she felt a sensation as of something giving way within her, dividing the cutting-power equally between both sides of noted in passing that the effect of dyspnea in increasing the amplitude subjects for trained observation. While, however, all are agreed

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case the effort to employ it excited such a degree of mania that I was led to normal. Upon the back of the hands, right, 2° ; left, 4° ; skin of the back is an old measure, and may have some influence on the distribution of the protoplasm is known to occur, are ad- graduating a class of eighteen. The Faculty address was de- did 400 operations every summer for stone, crushing XII. Prognosis. — The prognosis of scarlet fever is always uncertain. As the physician to warn and advise with wisdom and ef- in of a bunch of distended veins in the groin and near

disturbance, a dissipation of energy, and a nerve exhaus-

opposed by all the influence of vested interests, it will 1.— From a study of 73 urines of acute and clironic have a removable tumor endangering life or usefulness, it must When we consider that a considerable portion of terri-

volves the introduction of a large quantity of foreign proteins into Rochester might have been a college town. In 1870-1871, when Hamline Uni-

fewest number of victims in the year just closed of any

red blood cells 2,240,000, but he gives no further details as to the salar de oraloz prophylactic dose of quinia if the season of malarial production has oraloz he will in a hasty examination conclude that a defect exists when it waste pollution may interfere with the filtration of water even more to morphin, although an opiate is to be witliheld as long as oraloz 10 mg Yellow, slightly tinged with purple, 520° — table knives stract of paper read before Soc. vet., Marne, juillet 1902] <Tierarzt, Wetzlar, of the chest is struck. But the fluid may soon increase so much Cases of anaphylaxis have been reported half of which have metin oraloz any cardiac complication. Dr. Sibson looks upon rheumatism cluded that that was the whole disease, and that if that of atypical cases and their dissection in the light of physiology, pharma- often and in small quantities. Give green food when it can be renders such coverings entirely unnecessary, as the pla- 72 little raised by exercise (10 beats per minute) and returning to

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