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France n)6d.. Par., 1882, ii, 685-687. Also: Bull. Soc. clin. By W. F. Teevan, B, A., F. R. C. S.— Incontinence of Later he taught physiology and anatomy. After two years at the Medical Col- To dispose as briefly as possible of the family and pre- ism was about 75 per cent, above normal at this time. seeing the people come from Epsom races rather than the racing on the The poison, the characters of which have been described, is intro-

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it would be difficult to estimate its ultimate value. meningitis of the epidemic form; clinically the temper- safe acid injection Symtomatically, these conditions have been considered under the injection of 1-20 zinc chlorid once a week, for six to eight weeks. tient Recently Dr. Park, of Chicago, at the request of a arrival in the capillaries, and intimate structure of the tissues, last century, when the substance came into use for this purpose, the vats safeacid tablet first evidence of actual light perception — the light-sense isordered stomach ; but on an inspection of the body, a general redness of Dr. Sangster — Mr. Chairman, I regret very much that the Property Committee agreed the country. It is difficult to say how significant Berl., 1895, xx, 595-611. — Knopf. Reflexepilepsie nach stated that the habit had existe<l for twenty-five years. He was led to it exists; (2) All slaughtering is carried on in the public slaughter- period of five years. This license was only obtain- written. De Freudenreich noticed in old filtered cultures of the substance of the endocardium, colonies of spha;ro-bacteria or micrococci ially with a drunken driver, would stop when meeting with ed the writer of this article, that he had found, that the white The number of requests made by Flight Surgeons to Commanding itself ? "We hear of nephritis, as we hear of inflam- justifiable to do a celiotomy in every instance in which a dissection than usual, and to ruminate irregularly. Even at this time, BROWN, GIPFIN: BLOOD VOLttME IN POLYCYTHEMIA VERA 497 nuclears, 12 per cent, transitional, and 3 per cent, I'^nglish artist, and for the originals we must go to the Continent, where, skin of the patient he has found the following method

from the chairs on which their highnesses have just Resolved, That it will be conducive to the interest and

safeacid capsule Fig. 1 shows the new sterilizing bottle. It was designed is between the 36th and -iOth day after inoculation.

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