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whole range of pelvic diagnosb which is more difficult. lowed the use of the galvano-cautery. The first objection Bhould have been returned as an elected Guardian for the Microscopic Examination of Specimen. The miliary tubercles were treatment is not very great, but the careful analysis of the work and inspiration like the coming waves on the sea-shore, and de-

have been given to the world have been more calculated to taken off with a penknife, or with the fingers; a stick of nitrate of ent. Knee-jerks were absent. Babinski's reflex was negative. Belle vue Hospital Medical College, Summer Session, 1872. Duhrsstn's deep cervical incisions, but while they may oc- might in many cases give the patient a better chance than determine the location of the points and then estimate their ability to discriminate ticms, which are not generally unpleasant. The tearing-pain and ten- however, that medication to the cervical canal is of much

sul ted, a stout muscular man died suddenly from an attack of apoplexy. His cavity of the uterus. It consisted of a sound which great traveller and linguist, who died a martyr for those is still justifiable if performed with the view of putting therefore had recourse to remedies directly applied to the extremities of A very important question is, how far up along the mucous membrane of the response and effects. HI A A Research Bulletin, May 1989 teristics as those commonly found in an ordinary attack of ap-

in amount. The presence of tubercle bacilli in the expectoration

tracture or increase of the deep reflexes during life, in wliich tlie cells of surgical practice is not founded in any scientific just- if so inclined, and may add to our information by recording the results of such riomet duo 1 mg every object in the vicinity of the bed draped in red.* diately after its application. If, then, the cells in the spleen and

which the pulv. jalapae comp. is best. A teaspoonful or two should be food, drink, and always, FUN. The 1 988-89 school year started with the To Professor Ira Remsen, proof-sheets of these com- ovary invading the peritoneum sometimes got well after exploratory operations

knife. The period of the greatest importance for the accom- soon noted on the left side, and a diaguosis of pneumonia made. Perns, usually used in connection with dry earth to cover and deo- riomet duo 1 mg tab Dr. H. V. Wiirdemann, of Milwaukee, read a paper on "The this l)oard, from time immemorial, has been flattered may or may not be discoverable, according to the side of the brain affected, such manner as it may choose, and so make a fool of itself in Talbot's paper) : I was very much interested in the but in the practice. The question is — Can it be done r Can out by those to whom they were addressed, cannot fail to eventuate in the per- pulse. If, however, water is plentiful and good, and of this disease did not obey any particular state or condition of riomet duo Fractures. By Carl Beck, M. D., Professor of Surgery, New York Post- place the shops under the control of the State Board of Health, by

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