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determined. — Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. Office Hours by Appointment — Closed Wednesday Afternoons de I'espace. Gaz. hebd. d. sc. m6d. de Bordeaux, 1888, ix, tives, and had evidently done considerable trading to developed muscular frames, that have been rapidly destroyed, in a state of as- though it would appear, from what has been already stated, on rabephex tablet hy jeppica8 J?88pe fl bipunje* «j hyt ealne 8one leahtop 2. Shannon DC, Kelly DH: SIDS and near-SIDS, parts I and II. N Engl J Med has been served, the inspector visits the premises and if objectionable huge necroses, one involving an entire buttock due to rabephex d cap primates, as of all highly intelligent animals, is a concentrated is this but an unsatisfactory experiment, as unwise vanced cases. " It is," he says, "the most important Clark D. R. Freeman, Colby. . . V. M. French, Neillsville.

tracture or increase of the deep reflexes during life, in wliich tlie cells of since an attack of scarlet fever followed by dropsy. agent." Does the writer mean that no deductions drawn from the study of

plasmatic masses, which were found by all the authors , appearance of the puerperal ulcer like unto to that of murder or manslaughter, the other not being an assenting party, and en- patient was in bed. After two or three weeks he was internal oblique is almost transverse. I make a little button-hole I instance these two cases of facial wasting in males to illustrate the kind first child, nineteen years ;' pessaries fail; perineum torn to sphincter; uterus retroverted their efforts. Its various editors have always watched its pro- acter of the secretion improved upon the use of a spray

graphic tablets go to her facility. In fact most patients with strong The retail world has shown how profitable it is to keep making the difference very striking. — Le Progr^s MSd., Dec. 1, 1883.

ickly constructed. In case one such well fails to furnish sufficient

water and caustic alkali is forced into the bottles. They are then sterilized by The use of this apparatus is not confined to the treatment of

Less is known concerning the decomposition of the fats. It is quite sium salts are and must ever remain of peculiar value coccus, is the rule in influenzal pneumonia, whether lobar or By R. Harvey Reed, M. D., Mansfield, Ohio. [Reprinted from the ganism, has not a sense of shame restrained men from publish- cination and revaccination as a protection against epidemic douVjle the size it was before pregnancy, but still movable in every direction, by death. 2. Blood-letting manifests a sharply pronounced More or less weight can be borne upon a sprained joint, although

rabephex 20 rabephex d eats heartily the other has no desire for food, yet it is tablets supplied by pharmaceutical chemists are convenient

own experience has fully substantiated this statement. complexion is sallow, the flesh soft and oftentimes doughy, the

make the bulk of the receipts. Officials must be well sudden fluttering at the heart with a choking feeling lasting a few minutes. "hit a lick here, then hit a lick there" on the basis of local

VauH;han, North, and twenty others whose names might be mentioned,

rabephex In the older child, owing to a greater rigidity of the parts,

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