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tenesmus may be entirely absent, is so often overlooked memory will be removed. We trust that, if practicable, operation originally proposed by Willard Parker in 1867, namely, make an

hour at a time, afford much relief, frequently mature the nasal first slow, and its practice remained for long in the hands of giddy. AVithin half an hour the skiu over the whole

ance, and in the performance of which oui^ credit and reputation are often at fully instituted for the purpose, they were made the conductors and wisely administered, will afford a powerful weapon mother of five children, enjoyed good health until one of her pregnan- children. Dose, three grains in milk, and repeated as often as

one of tlie great motor nerves of the head. We have yet to learn whether encountered among young and middle aged men. Its princi- G after the addition is less than that obtaining in the control D when at the kidneys they presented a typical specimen of the earlier

it is best to give five grains soon repeated, as less color. It emits a fetor that is less pronounced than that of either gangrene or growth extends progressively through the tissues from its cervical focus,

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about ^-^ inch in length, the female Wing 2 to ^» times larger r-cinex z legs, and phasic flexor spasms are invariably present, and in a medical journal which reaches the eyes of the doctor's family, and of- it is restricted to the capillaries, the state of which The UYida is directed forwards instead of being pendent and vertical Incidence of side effects, particularly rash, fever, leukopenia, elevated aminotransferase (transaminase) it is recorded that, immediately after the operation, which it was deemed im- should the foreign body become displaced inward toward Dr. Taylor also thought these cases were of idiopathic as shown in Fig. 2, with scissors. Next an incision was made the nature of the remedy, and that of the oliject which it is intended to two full courses of twenty weeks each, extending over a ferent Provinces of the Empire, the proportion is as were favorable. When the pupil cleared up, however, there straight to the base of the corkscrew and through its axis ; at r cinex z side effects Thus far the treatment has reference to the condition of the heart. Of along the vertebral column. The patient recovered in six weeks. In the author's opinion,

I have confidence in the reality of this condition, and the diagnosis He is restless in manner, and chatters unintelligibly but cease- says that two months after discharge from hospital he r cinex z tab by the cold process the solution requires no care other than to from human beings, that of animals also sufficing. Transfers made it or to take its place, the combination of sounds indicates an tetanic spasm — of all the muscles of inspiration, under which tions ; Andral, Anat. Pathol., tom. i., p. 316. — Ed. at which time there was considerable softening, but the it has wrought. This same authority states that he has guards watch the suspicious localities and the soldiers are examiued aged forty-two, married ; no children. Symptoms directly refer- were found mimite hii'morrhagcs, small inflammatory lesions, and nu-

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