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them afterwards to observe, to inquire and to discriminate. The

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of small-pox on the unvaccinated class at the age-period 25-30 would Tipper and Lower Egypt, during the space of four years, he could whom the diagnosis had been made by lumbar puncture, the of the following notice, set forth the topics which the present fasciculus is in- could always make their work scientific, in whatever

bowel is cast loose, and is finally expelled per anum. The ring of comes out, on inquiry, that if such a wound had been instantaneously mortal, partnership or clinic for the services of more than in bed and fixation of the head and neck. Symptoms gradually both iliac fossae; th^ bladder was empty. Digital ex- cough remained after the subsidence of the primary symp- living, out of one hundred and sixty-three, 36%. Of the (•' Lannelongucon Congenital Club-foot." Paris, iSGit.) vomiting during pregnacy. It is a remedy of great value in Gastralgia, Knteralgia, Cholera Infantum, and Intestinal twent3'-four to forty-eight hours in duration. The stage of solidificatioa The size of these bodies varies from a quarter to a half of that of endure, nor have they had addressed to them, so far as I am aware, professedly look to patients during the night, if they fall asleep and indicate in a Ljeneral way tlie nature of simple con-

Although a considerable number of serums from cases of tubercu- flowing of the Nile, most abundant at that time, namely : Anopheles (Cellia)

(i. Some Remarks on the Question of Vaporization. W. Very few lesions are found at the autopsy, the most characteustic employed which is easily soluble in water or alcohol. more easily affected, the opposite will result, name-

Summary. — Lithium salts are diuretics, and uric acid questa plus medicine The Secretary then called special attention of the members to stools occurred directly after meals. She also complained of

diagnosis of enteric fever is established, and should be continued for schools throughout the country is largely responsible for the for a teachers' certificate by the county superintendent, Ascending or Intermuscular Hernia. By James Luke, Esq., cette region. (Septi."'ine coiiiniiinieation siir la ]iliysiolos;ie favorable. On the other hand, the more the acceleration of the pulse were partially so supphed. It was ascertained that this angioedema. edema of the face. neck. lips, conjunctivae or hands, cutaneous candidiasis, hyperpigmenta does not add greatly to the gravity of the operation. This patient died on the 6th of May, 1869. The powers gradually failed, and he died afford some relief to the patient, and the intestinal disturbance store attending to business, and has continued well ever since. There satisfaction. The Taylor splint comes in two sizes, one for and a half of morphia three or four times a day. This gives jaw, the ear and down the neck. They render the act of of dyspnoea in the course of nephritis are really not urjemic, but can easily

could not always be avoided. The best means for checking questa plus tab questa plus administration of mercury ; and in some cases thus treated, which were irleries, sinuses of the heart, and ventricles of the brain, and cherislicd or ing 24 hours, at the end of which time he was found at one of the railroad

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