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for physicians. Continuous telephone service, day and night. Apply to
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The city of Cambridge, Mass., has recently appropriated a sum of money
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pharynx. Some of these cases showed signs of infection in the
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he was breaking the law, not the code of ethics formulated by the Ontario Medical Associa-
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today would have been impossible without experimentation upon
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It is probable, since there were no nucleated reds, that the
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conviction that Dr. Goldwin Smith never wrote that editorial — (hear, hear) — and if his name
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No. 1. For the Counties of Essex, Kent and Lambton, Dr. J. P. Rutherford, Chatham,
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great and good work ; they are doing the very opposite to those advertising schemes ; they are
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a position. When mf name was mentioned for Vice-President last year I never spoke
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"When one has to do with an art whose aim is the saving of
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quired if you expect to get results. Their improper use makes
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pital in Dublin, where the mortality, as already stated, is only
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the position. I might say also I think the amendment proposed by Dr. Roome is superior
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tion of feeding. No alcoholic drinks, tea or coffee should be
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own bodies, step by step, to the tops of high buildings and letting
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series of cases with uniformly satisfactory results, no case of sup-
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these stages running from one into the other. The secondary
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cerned. As the greater part of our associations are formed with-
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tional cases, every really well-qualified practitioner is reasonably sure of a
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are thrown wide open and you are sincerely invited to enter. To
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over. The vast homoeopathic vocations and developments which
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there was no necessity for me to sign it because I never had a lodge. It was not three days
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Aseptic Hospital Floor," by Fox of Washington. While this may not be
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groove which outlines the external malleolus. In this groove the point of
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Mrs. primipara, age 38. Labor induced at the begin-
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with pulsations, loss of appetite, indigestion, and some, phobias
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such as to warrant the ascription of animosity that has been made to me incidentally this
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submit readily to treatment. The brilliant work vaccines have ac-
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immediately. The extent of the operation necessary must depend
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members were elected as follows : Martha Boyd Bates, Providence, R. I. ;
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that are not on the printed Register, and they should be on before the election comes on..
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year is 10 per cent., in the middle class 21 per cent., and the
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active specific virus, and those parasyphilitic degenerations which
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practitioner, but who refused to give his name or any particulars with regard to the remedies,
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Hahnemann did not. This was the issue, after all, upon which

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