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is phenytoin generic for dilantin

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which are infected ? Strong has reported that in INIanila cholera is un-

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passages. The moist heat has a soothing action on the

what makes your dilantin level low

spots are present. Blood cultures are as easily made and quite as satis-

iv dilantin contraindications

They may be filled with clear fluid or the fluid may be dark from admixture

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the accuracy of Tyson's statement that it would be unfair to

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If the sputum is carefully looked after, infection may be even avoided

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phenytoin capsule package insert

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The passage of the tube is chiefly of value in acute

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ment was finally made. He believed in the system of paying

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bed-sores and it seems well to emphasize this, as the statement occasionally

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usually have a marked influence on the course and may be said to be pro-

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is charged. This extra is not imposed upon married women

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Hektoen have shown that the serum of animals immunized with ahen blood

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are enclosed in the spaces. The hyaline membrane arises in two ways; by

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Professor of Bacteriology and Pathology in the George Washington University,

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This, it must be remembered, may be largely due to postmortem subsidence.

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will be seen that for the twenty years from 1875 to 1894 before antitoxin was

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the incubation was in most cases from four to five days.

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(bacterial hsemolysins). Some bacteria produce more than one true toxin;

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Ratio of mortality of scarlet fever per 10.000 of the population in Boston, for sixty-five years, 1840

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brings out the fact that albumin is present in the urine of

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it causes lysis (bacteriolysis, cytolysis) by virtue of the action of its zymotic

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variety. The origm of these cases in the island of St. Bartholomew was not

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rare cases the exudate is purulent and a sinus may form. The frequency of

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disease. Crediting all of these to Bright's disease, we have at

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Typhoid fever may precede, which is the most common association; the

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cher's Joints of the Ox." Ten colored illustrations

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at the base of the brain and of exactly similar nature to the form of the disease

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zation against typhoid fever and cholera, powder obtained by evaporation

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and tender, and there is often a red flush over them or over the surround-

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