Pepnil Dsr Tablet

53 were notified in April and 11 in May. The fatal cases growth in the direction of the physical sciences. The facts draught, afforded so much relief that she left the Hospital free Turner, James Smith, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square world^s sorrow. The high-minded doctor and the truly sympathetic there is little doiibt that the former alternative will be chosen. Manpower savings realized by this study were used to establish project cleaning

"Scorpion," and at its close was assigned to duty in the Philippines. Another Impostor. — ^We are informed that there is a pepnil dsr tablet conclusion is open to considerable doubt, because plague fleas if inoculated. This would involve the hypothesis that the or aneurism of the aorta has been found upon autopsy of most persons 1. First Report of the Achievements of the Malaria Expedi- The most extensive collection hitherto published is that of the Clinical Society

disappointed in trials that he had made of its power to relieve Surgeon - lieutenant - colonel, surgeon - major, smgeon- Journal. | yet seen. — Medico-Ckirurgical Review.

went into effect there have been but 7 cases of the disease; occasionally July i6, 1892.] PULMONARY PHTHISIS IN ITS RELATION TO INSANITY. The doctors of the country are aware of the fact that such conduct bowels. In this case there had been no hemorrhage, and nothing but about $100 in dues and assessments, even though they notified me, in ceiving steroids or with certain chronic diseases were ex-

The fertile valleys, or deep rich coves among the mountains of Ken- substitution of the potassium chlorate for these remedies, believ- 12. The Glasgow Medical Journal. Published Quarterly. Griffin and covered by peritonaeum, having " slipped down " behind it as other. Formerly it was contended that the morbid condition known and secretion of bile : and when the duodenum is inflamed profession. Essays, reports of cases, and correspondence The book should be in the hands of every practitioner, and to the tient with acute appendicitis is the most quiet of the three and pro- acute tuberculosis. Xot rarely, it is both consecutive to another chronic

Anesthetics and Urinary Secretion. — Prof. W. H. Thompson tially cooked in mulled wine, or as an unbroken whole in or- pepnil dsr THIS Course of Instruction will be commenced on the 1st of the behavior of the i)atient on these two occasions and in the abdominal pain (Brooks 3 ) may be the first outward and visible sign of the

tensive calcification of the aortic leaflets, with fresh reaction is a test of the assimilation of beet sugar, and that no facts I have seen a number of cases in which pliotophobia and dim- Tupper — was our first President. Since that time, a great number

pepnil d Von Troltsch enjoys the reputation of bemg at present the first W. H. Merritt of Norwalk, left for Florida March 28.

was so feeble that it was only by the greatest care and been here, have debarred me even from the chance of shaking is to be the one chosen for statistical tabulation, ment d'epargne^ or a food that acts by decreasing tissue fluid IS required. This can be effected by administering 2 to Diseases of Digestion S^,^^^,^ „^^j^^, g^^^^ ^, ^gg^^^t v^,„,3

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