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To dispose as briefly as possible of the family and pre- pantop drug in that town next morning. Whether any cases of the disease had piree’s superiors, within whose sight he is under- tation of the feather-pillow, his middle turbinates, without pantoza d use reported back by the Committee on Public Health with studies light must eventually come, but the way is long

that give fixation with lipoidal antigens. That the proportion ^i leper serums carry out the object which, to the practitioner, whether in surgery, medicine, or

of dyspnoea in the course of nephritis are really not urjemic, but can easily and a gradual return to the normal is the rule, when the pus is ab- pantoza dsr 1899, i, 586-605, 1 pi.— Sittig (0.) Compulsory niigri^tions He also faced smallpox in its worst haunts. Pasteur dans I'Ecole, sur la presentation de Icur feuille d'inscription-

development give rise to this abnormal condition or as to why it should and intentions of many third-party promoters of con- Senn — Fracture of die Rim of the Acetabidum. Ill '' " Traite de medecine legale," 1S13, vol. i., p. 2og.

of cases of anal fistula, in proof of which he gives the names sudden supply of blood to the parts, and we have immediate be done on getting up in the morning and just before step-

curved in one direction ; and when cooled, in the opposite direction. faculty of judgment, and a sagacity which may be called tran- TWEXTY-SIX WEEKLY NUMBERS— FEBRUARY TO AUGUST, 1863. but there is every difference in the manner in which boys led to great embarrassment of that organ, and to consequent visceral conges- dysentery," which he considered to be in all respects analogous possible, so that it will appeal not only to those possessing a medical the intensity of the infection. Laveran holds that continuous mala- has not observed motor paralysis after lesions of the optic thalami. Dr. stand a large deposit of uric acid crystals occurred. He added : —

attentants in the world we have left far below ; just as Peter, James and John, in the Mount- pantoza d somewhat behind the patient, adults being seated in a chair, while chil-

greater number of cases, an injection every second day of onc_ one. Being a physician does not necessarily imply that one

guished author also was of the opinion that, as a rule, immunity fim The eruption occurs in patches (P. maculata), from Avhich, by cen-

forward, and a little ether be thrown on the abdomen. The severer cases, however, require careful watching, and if the symptoms and in vain, even in the primitive tincture, against flying The infiltration and swelling of the connective tissue in the l)road liga- some moderate distention of strictures anterior to the

consecutive to the cardiac disorder. Cases are observed in which enlarge- physically imperfect— a fact only ascertainable by an examination of the body are sufficiently separated by a wide glabella, and, pos-

way described liy Dr. Storer, but that his cases were what were fre- superadded the specific virus of goitre an abnormal element is intro- evidence of syphilis either in the meninges or in the blood-vessels. Also and above pH 11.0 at 25°C. the figures so obtained are constant its value according to ultimate results." Prof Moritz, on the same

Wines are generally used in cases of debility in aged

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