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Among the possible sequelae may be mentioned imbecility and

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in the evening demonstrated the murmur in the hospital. Some-

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there even reached 30.4% (181 cases, with 55 deaths). Of the

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deal of relief has been g-iven to the patients. From my own experience

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ditis is frequently found unexpectedly at autopsy is w^ell known. Friction

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separately harmless. I am quite sure there is no such

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"A ragged and penniless wanderer once called at the home of an old

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aclimatacion. Mi-d. mil. espafl., Madrid, 1897-8, iv, 17;

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of Treatment of Scarlet Fever, include also prophylactic treatment?

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Pharmacists can not be too careful in the use of metric weights

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tricity. In that case, which had been published, the symptoms

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Things once said (and not regretted) by Dr. William

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prevailed during the slaughtering season at all the great pork

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Gaylord reaches the conclusion that Plimmer's bodies,

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cumstances. The exudation was ash-coloured, soft, and pulp}', and limited to

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which hibernates -in cellars, seems not to bite at all during the winter

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all sorts and sizes, and the earth's dead houses, lazar-houses, mad-houses,

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a review of the literature of the preceding year upon these sub-

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from the meatus. The bladder was drained by a large

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his methods. He is very apt, for example, to remove stones

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of those houses in which contagious diseases have been prevalent

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mode of treatment has been lately adopted with success in the

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temperature are not in any way favorable to consumption, a

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had personal experience of the ready irascibility of the anti-

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are accompanied with a slight febrile movement. After

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Sometimes better effects are produced if the ointments, in place of being

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neuralgia,* and Dr. Addinell Hewson on the prognosis of major opera-

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outline of the various facts which recent researches had established.

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being unequal to the conquest, throw themselves over the

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3. Note upon a Ca.se of Mycosis Vaglnre. Allen J. Smith and O. H.

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States." I Dr. Meares is no enthusiast or partisan. In

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of operation should be deemed very satisfactory. But if

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(Besident Phystdan Harper's Hospital, Detroit, Mich.)

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ointment. He uses the following proportions: Essence of winter-green, 1

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furthermore it shows that in twenty-three of these cases tliere was no

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result of primary chlorid retention, and that resort to an extremely salt-

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locally by a complete resorption of the bones, until hands

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pressure, probably from hemorrhage. If it passes off promptly and after

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Goley, Win. Eankin, Graham, P. and S., Bait., 1885 1885 1893

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to be of less general resistance than some other organisms; and,

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Flint, William H., Eidgefield, Conn. Founder. (Eetired list.)

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