Compazine Or Zofran For Nausea

lias been systematically employed. Some years ago while working

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the family or a friend. Care should be taken that every part of the body

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nent), has been observed. Meningitis, with active brain-symptoms,

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Frosch have in a few cases found the bacilli in the blood of those dying

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apparatus, I purpose to offer an outline of the proper construction and

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or less remote from the mouth, and among these is parotitis, which is

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the first twenty-four hours {atactic form). In malignant cases, such as

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periments there was no relation to be noted between the lowering of

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The excessive medication, combined with blood-letting, which, as

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Editorial Department of W. B. Saunders, Publisher, for his aid in

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sodium salicylate, carbolic acid, creasote, mercuric chlorid, and the sul-

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do not advocate cold baths for anaemic patients, nor indeed for any

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varicose veins below the knee. Next he applied the abdomi-

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is met with in ill-ventilated and overcrowded working or living apart-

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thyroid swelling, or tachycardia. This case seems definitely to

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to a greater extent than those living on other farm lands. I

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sions, as I remember, — once at college, when it made me

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fever and mild constitutional symptoms. For a long time it was con-

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relatively greater, are entirely analogous to those met Avith when a fresh

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with very little let-up, I have been a very busy man in the

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their effect largely by absorption of their chemical constituents. For-

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of water has fallen in England, despite its advocacy by its most emi-

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and prolonged, and during the hot stage the urine is bloody and scanty,

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Epidemics of iutlnonza have visited this conntry since 16-i7.

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it as far as possible? Why dilly-dally ? We. are doing better,

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will be necessary usually to remove some of the water from the tub by

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Pneumonia occurring in adults has long been treated by Jtirgensen

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woman to remember her great trial only as a pleasant dream,

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to supervise the treatment, either for want of time, inclination, or imper-

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solids of the milk, leaving out the fats. It sours the milk by

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regarded baths and affusions as superior to medicines.

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typhoid, only five to ten minute baths of from 88° to 92°, followed by

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being a charnel-house, is above all other places the safest and

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globular plasmodia have consumed the red blood-corpuscles the granules

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and one who was there in the olden time, and seeing the order,

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to the heart, and when they lose their elasticity the central

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the chest, the forearm upon the arm, and the thumb upon the palm : the

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use of tobacco, and very properly attributed many ailments

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{a) The Paroxijsms. — There may be premonitions lasting from one to

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The following table (page 182) giving the summary of a case of typhoid

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thrax, tetanus, and other diseases, to have already written one

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heat. There is some nitrogen in the vegetables, though not

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adequacy, is a commonly observed clinical phenomenon.

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is a very valuable by-product of the grape, and is precipitated

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