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ligatures. An American writer on this subject concludes in these
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try and more candor than perhaps the lady expected.
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tion of one s domicile and his liability to contract pellagra. In that
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these abscesses under the strictest antiseptic precautions and
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Others again put all their faith on hydrotherapeutics.
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and there were small ulcers beneath the tongue and on the dorsum
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weight of boiled linseed oil and thin it with oil of turpentine.
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of locomotor ataxia with marked bladder symptoms where I
omeprazole 20 mg tablet delayed release
This case is noteworthy in that. It came to autopsy at
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minated fatally. Prompt ligation of the common carotid has saved
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his personal lack of concentration sufficient for recording
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exist but more frequently it is partial cervical dorsal or lumbar.
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This paper is written to present my impressions of the diagnostic
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as measured with the Schiotz tonometer was mm. Thus far
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edly hardly given a thought to the fact that medicine has aided
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calomel is the best a milk diet with cheese or without is the
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blood letting by means of a wet cup is more complicated and less
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maximum pressure than under normal conditions when the elastic aorta
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logical Society Souques Megevand Naiditch and Rathaus
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Eighthly r The supposition of a morbific matter is quite su
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The subject of telepathy as it is called has attracted the most
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each disease enumerated in the third class viz. plague dysen
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be prevented reading or using his eyes. In large establishments
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and does if properly conserved and used. The food should
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mucous membrane is the consequence. All these conditions
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P. M. found him suffering acutely with violent spasmodic action of the
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represented we have also information of projected par
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and manneu as the chaulmoogra has not seemed at Trinidad to be so
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A treatment and clinic room is provided for the separate handling of
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ant Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases in the Jefferson ledical
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In the lungs as in the brain there is no necessity for alterations
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was not good surgerj to open the abdomen and produce
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Crisis. In the midst of these grave symptoms when the disease
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over the last mentioned area and the bell sound was pronounced on percussion
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epilepsy. The treatment varies according to the cause which
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primary degrees in the Faculty of Medicine and shall be

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