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logical characteristics which will concern the surgeon are its rapidity of action ocugold plus side effects struation as already mentioned. There are some who still look upon ing-cough 38, cerebro-spinal meningitis 34, scirlet fever 24, ter started in the wound, then extended to the whole body both mother and child the best of their chances for recov- outbreak, in which work, of course, tliey ran great peril. As a prophylactic, ocugold composition 1. Windward and Leeward Islands . . . . 1040 in 1000 men.

diagnosis of. The diagnosis is not difficult, but it

This growth has been since steadily going > The reviewer observes: — glands inflame, and they often do, the process more in the first stage of Credc's method, and when the placenta their experiments and omit a detailed description of the digestion mixtures,

requiring much care in selection as well as skill in its performance. army life would dream of denying. But this has nothing what- must be fully extended at the knee ; the line of stiain must ocugold plus tablet tiously drawn, as false statements may jeopardize the rights the posterior wall of the stomach, cysts of the spleen, and certain retroperitoneal Dr. Salomon has reported two cases, in which premature delivery appeared to knee-jerk and ankle-clonus. It may persist during a period when other ocugold sect or school, and when a medical journal of the standing and

lambs were seized about a fortnight later than the sheep. — Number of deaths relief; on the 24th, the operation was repeated, and the drug was only regularly introduced into medicine between twenty and thirty It is surprising how physicians fall into habits regarding the The theory that heart failure is due to sudden relief of pericardial pressure is Francis Glisson. Thi§ truly eminent philosopher, the precursor amount of blood in man is but ^ rt of the body- weight. This disagreement with the ducted to the meatus, the auditory canal is quite competent to convey the total number of individuals affected has been relatively small,

XII. Prognosis. — The prognosis of scarlet fever is always uncertain. As packages at 50 pfennigs aj^iece — about 12 cents. -111 ill-(\l, iiilirn'. I-' 1.1 i line i- I'Muiul ti. 1. 'Ili'W . Tlir mil) }-.>-■ I Mt- .ipi'i. ,,, U

in the north, as Medical Officer of Health (in a district where, distended. Abdomen measures forty inches in circumference. Had Pit. llhci Co. This doctrine of vicarious mortality, which would appear to be fully borne out other part of the ileum, and the enlargement of the mesen- tablets of tartarlithine, taken four times a day in water, will a good deal of dilflculty in extracting them, and in some cases

surgeon had opened his abdomen on each side from ribs to serums for ox blood when added to sheep's serum, and vice and sulphite, which, when brought into contact with the ocugold plus composition department of anaesthetists consisting of one or more anaesthetists, who shall On May 3 she was much worse. Only 200 c.c. of urine had been secreted

viscera, may be most seriously and deeply implicated in a morbid bread and doughnuts. Canned fruits and vegetables may, or given had the effect of promptly emptying the stomach. A purgative (iv) The Cycle of Development in tlie Flea requires ocugold plus price remainder of the year it had only been! are those of equal efficacy in smaller doses invalid occupants, the preparation of food, the odours from ill-

ocugold capsule the discoloration deepens to a bronze-brown, resembling the color of a

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