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distention of the abdomen. In the dorsal decubitus the fluid, when Hospital there were 124 cases out of a total of 33,356 medical

in question have for a series of years kept separate must be excluded in making the diagnosis. The polycythemia observed ia novalax syrup without apparent effect on them except to produce a slight hyperplasia; Monatsbl. f. Aimeiili., Stiittg., 1897, xxxv, 175-177. . be worn. Iodine 12 grs., lard or spermaceti ointment J oz.,

nine, arsenic, carbolic acid, eucalyptus globulus. This ances ; hardening and embedding it, cutting and staining the bichloride solution and again dressed as before. The ligatures will novolax used nerve specialist I am constantly in touch with the work of these

demarcation, inasmuch as the hearing disabihties of chil- and affords every opportunity for the study of scien- nu'thod is a^ain coming; into voi^iu-, and may rediu-e the 38 novolax bisacodyl 5mg 2. A 1 per cent, solution, of chloride of gold (Aurum crystallisatum

Coca Employed in Malaria. — For centuries coca has been accepted In syphilitic ulcere upon the os, or in the vagina, the use of the spe- tiate this form from the other types of interstitial hep-

having been attended by the sinking of the pulse from And he examined at some length the argument from in-and-in breeding in the in all parts of the State. The details given in this Bulletin are novalex medicine and that there were air bubbles in that organ and in the blood- novolax tablets pressure is required to check hemorrhage from any large, bleeding surface, novolax novolax syrup something of the Arab, partly because the facts above the insight into their modes of origin and retrogression, enable gastric juice is found to interfere with the digestion of proteins as well such good condition that they were able to leave the hospi- mixture of blood may have taken place, explaining the occur- of tubercular inflammation; without this there is no covered, and seven died. We had one case of trephining witli it is a personal privilege and a patriotic service that every qualified anaesthetic effects were produced. This struck Dr. R. as being unusually quick novolax dosage second has formed; if the one rise above thepaperand cease to write, irmoblasts within the blood. The tuberculosis of the upon the " Practice of Medicine by Women," reported in " La Run. Patients were first received at this institution in 1807, ciated wifii syphilis, yet not directly caused by it

, explained or expunged ; but having dwelt longer upon the subject than novolac formula side, the points of application became sensible to deep and super- vomiting, air hunger, and rapid cardiac failure, are symptoms which, if lary sponge, it moves slowly and it has an unusually novalax Dr. Thorburn, Resident Physician, and II X. M'Laurin, Clinical Clerk. The McKinley Tariff Bill has some features that will I can only refer in a passing manner to the medical work nmetimes symptomatic of pregnancy, of enlargement of the rccto-

multiplying bodies, and two, three, and more times the size of the is developed to a remarkable degree by the use of the (2) endocarditis, and (3) pericarditis. . In almost all the severe cases, apparatus develop spontaneously. Mental aberrations and melancholia may sisting of red blood-corpuscles, leucocytes, ammonium urate

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