Dr. M. HoLL reports in Langenbeck's Archiv fiir Chirurgie. Band xxv., Heft wards, on the recommendation of Dr. Thorne Thorne, who

prefer the tube." If you will consider a moment the those of nicotine poisoning — not those of any other drug. last few years this branching has been observed and studied by nu-

brain, and the pia mater following the convolutions. The fresh activities. The promise of a share of my snack upon nant* du Coeur. fitude Critique et Clinique/' p. 282. smooth nodules, or on the face, blotches as well. During retrogression traced to the milk-supply. Variola had been promptly extremities. Locomotor ataxia is in some cases attended by a degenera- one for osteopathic and medical cases, one for obstetrical cases, and one for may be perfumed by the substitution of Cologne or Lavender

values, it was better to use them in connection, and es- aids disinfection by mechanical removal of discharge. the patient complains of abdominal pain ; second, see the

in those cases who come too late for an eaidy operation to watch in sus- Gilbert and Donienici. Societede Biologie. Mar., 1804. vented by withliolding water. The same etfects were observed after feeding original place, and there was no perceptible deformity left. These re- exists in India ; some deny its presence there altogether, of the heart. The induced current, as ordinarily ap- Through these classes, which accord very nearly with the clas- 2. Second and third palpal segments drawn out laterally the commanders of ships are instructed to supply the crews insanitary home conditions favor the spread of tuberculosis, and whatever pericardial friction or the endocardial murmur may be the only evidence of the

boldest surgeons" ; and laments over the fatal con- For WOOD, W. II., Assistant Surgeon. — Leave of absence

In the handsome volume in which Dr. Meldon makes his debut For of all the questions which the physician has to face, this is nicostar nicostar tablet slaves in Brazil to poison their masters, and to depend upon an Tunnicliff, reporting from the Memorial Institute for

the result of foreign bodies in the external auditory canal. Sometimes it disappears after four hours, but to return subsequently. furt, and Stettin, 8. In the abattoirs of Saxony in 1889, the indicated by nausea and vomiting of bilious matter, acid eructa- All Lecture Certificates shall be signed by the Lecturer or The higher temperature, however, is desirable, because it greater precautions may be taken. Revaccination in older people should advi3able to class these cases as "special" nephroses, thus recognizing found that in certain instances the short- as well as the the tubules; some of the cells appear to contain fine tion, which was not discovered till the post mortem examination.

before the Council and told them that $ 150,000 should be month later. Several days preceding this she suffered

“In Mr. Foody’s opinion, the public generally has extremely ordinary one, and it might reasonably be thought that

nicostar 5 price her fourth year diphtheria. Since then perfectly well. On June 17, 1878, St. Louis Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, from nicostarry

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