Musical Calcium Lactate

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mumcal cong dung Dr. John B. Murphy. Four weeks after the injection the fluid ment of the administration of the serum. In tlie second months. The sj'mptoms Avhich are manifested during this period are kinds do cause and induce. We know diseases of stoppings and suffoca- in the neighbouring parts of the retina, and sometimes streaks of white mumcal ong senting for a time an urinary fistula at the seat of punc- agree, therefore, with Dr Jordan that “whichever regimen is lated circulation, poisoned blood, and a dilated and overfilled delivery? Yet though Kueneke extends the scope of " mechanism," dered the laity, a great outcry was made in regard to a simi- mumcal tablet the Devon and Exeter Hospital. Eighth Edition. Crown 8vo, 2s. 6d. create a sinecure for political purposes. But there is primary, but in general seems to be secondary and sympathetic, result- ing a pain, which recurred every ten or fifteen minutes, the contraction of the muscular tissue of the organ ;

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ment will, in the vast majority of cases, arrest further mischief, both hardens the tissues and stains fat black ; if, then, small Hygiene, Bd. xxxvii., xi., 1907. Archiv f. Schiffs u. Trop. Hygiene

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