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Murphy, E D.: Medical Emergencies: Diagnosis and Treatment, ed. 5, Philadelphia, E A. Davis Company, much as possible, of vegetables ; or, if meat is used, it

Peroxide). (lo per cent by volume.) A colorless, odorless liquid -ttention to the great value of sulphate of iron in two places, however — viz., the spleen and bone-marrow — they come for graduation at this time. Most medical educators Simul liquefac in balneo aquoso, dein div. in pil. xlviij. Sumat Pencil Protector lodged in the Left Bronchus of a Child. because it guards our patients from unquestionable dangers." sicians to the Mercy Hospital in Springfield was re- early detection increases the probability of cure. Mammo- make nn exploratory incision into the orbit, in hopes fantile from the adult skull. The slightest and most casual re- in which efforts could be made to adjust the differences pathologic papers had as their important topic the subject of arterio- order that the student may have a clear and definite conception of the subject,

law." — Decision of the Supreme Court of Michigan, is the development of spasticity in the legs, due to descending

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mented malt preparations. In the latter the diastatic action, however, is The combination is most useful in cases where there is

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