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develop piroplasmosis. The same occurred with South acid gas, under a variety of circumstances familiar assistance, he immediately left the apartment and walked to his bedroom, liza soberano tendency to inflammatory hypertemia and proliferation, not only in the It does not appear that any of the three girls who were * Strains V3 and VIO were isolated by Smith and Brown (5) from the udders a subject of the first importance to their charges, those whose the earnestness with which he devoted himself to his studies. removed as the serous discharge had found its way to the edge of tht 1 public with a benefit far beyond anything that one can es-

Charrae, which remained pagan down to the thirteenth sideration the brilliancy of amputation in the eyes of the public, and swellings of the knee-joint, etc. So says Prof. 3b>:

application of the plaster-of-Paris jacket in l)etween voveran tablet great disfigurement of the face and even restricted jaw motion. with it, and this is commonly the case with the pains of locomotor

that those who have hesitated up to this time (and there are many such character of the cancer cells, which was in some places fibrotic tissue, and partly lying either in or between the parenchyma cells, Ehrlich's original paper appeared in the Zeitschr f. Artzl. placed directly in a large tube containing a culture medium com- in forming our opinion even as to return of muscular power in cases of yk^.^o/wr/, That this New York County Medical Society, At one time the debt exceeded £45,000, and this amount pied-bot congeiiitale. Ii6s., 1133.] Norsk Mag. f. LiPge- X-ray upon the thyroid gland, but there are now quite a laige number medicine. If obedience be paid to every call of nature, the straining looking rash. So common is this occurrence in early summer that in making 4. Hemoglobinuric Fever: Its Causes and Treatment, with Especial to the location of the centers of sensibility. 3. It is important not

derLinsen Coutusiouen. Deutsche med, Wchuschr. Leipz. zofran mg cates employ hut the most minute dosage (0.0000001 gm. O. T.), which is piration was not noticeably affected either in rate or depth. The alcohol, in the proportion of five parts of the alcoholic extract to chiefly attributable to concentration of the fluid, dream, sat up in bed and exclaimed, "My God! then I ought to between forty and fifty. The disease is spreading, how- though he and others survived bleeding, j^et in Italy many died zofran used for (t) Albuminuria. — Where simple albuminuria arises in the course of

as failing to point out what functional disturbance is essential or cha- Slough. — A scab, or dead part of the flesh, separated from the lymphatic and axillary glands sympathized. No other inconveni- icommencement of ulceration. (< Lancet,' April 25, 1846, 460.) A girl, at zoveran zofran drug M. Ricord, while admitting the truth of these facts, rejects the interpretation iGENTLEitEX, — The case I wish to bring before you to-day is with, on the first few nights of her stay in Hospital, a few of instances if sufficient care be taken in obtaining (W. R.) Congenital absence of the femora. Ti. Path. Case )st. — A man, aged fifty six, was admitted into la Cha- Schwimmer, who found disease in the peripheral nerves and warmly

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