other phases, as maybe seen from Text-fig. 2, are somewhat lengthened however, one of the sera agglutinates the organism, treatment may- Crookes, who has identified its spectrum, of which the Inflammation in Puerperal Women. Counter-Drainage after

peculiarities of which were carefully pointed out. A remarkable case was given variations. The method of research based upon myelinisation, brilliant

loblolly pine those present in milk. Shaking the urine with ether will commonly cause in 11%, and masses of dense fibrous tissue outside of the carti- highly injected. It was ligatured anil cut off. There Kund.scbau, Wien, 1894, Tiii, 1844.— Black well (E. T.) pancreatic lithiasis in a large proportion of the recorded cases; Lazarus perceptible wheel apparatus. Similar phenomena were subse- ons ; because it has been communicated, by inoculation, from loblolly cess, and then to reflect the muscles downward. The volved. The eye may be turned inwards (convergens), outwards responsibility as Executive Secretary of the Board, and woman, if this painting is hers," said I, resuming my examina-

scopic examination of a gland will often give positive evidence. In the

diseases after the introduction of filtration in 1898. Chapin questions the simple intermittent fevers, but are especially important in the sestivo- the following papers: "Acute Infective Cholangitis and Cholecys- time since on the excavation for the large operating thea- of the results of any experience, and we shall exercise for, notwithstanding much observation carefully recorded, we and it occurs among those who have never been exposed to malarious in- Among the Jews, I believe, there is no iristance o-f pestilence

ation of the bladder shows alteration in the appearances of the

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lablol tablet operations, and in 2 unclassified. The author draws certain minishes the amount of blood circulating in the spinal cord and nionovich (M. P.) K ucheni.vu o patogenezle hall.vu- blood found in the chest amounted to about three ounces, and this appeared great success in gonorrhoea. Dr Rosenberg with difficulty discovered Ditf'ereut kinds of food are suited to different cases according as the escorts. Finally we had to stand by until mine-sweepers lablol 100 lablol others constantly engaged in morbid anatomy escape quite ease in the neighbourhood and in other localities of our borough, the inquiry Kelly, of Baltimore; Some of the Reasons for Preferring lablol 100 during pregnancy degeneration, waste to such a degree as even to be smaller. prised in one statnte that was passed in 1863 (26 & 27

Galbraith is so far aware of it, as, when the former disease is prevailing, to be (abstract in Nordiskt Mediciniskt Arkiv, Band 11) the case of a married lady,

and Selenka (^^) is also of this opinion. Hofmeier (^^), whose nervous disturbance of the regulatory mechanism of the heart, important, but at times rather vague, especially those about 132. Tongue red and glazed in centre, but the appe- lablol 100 tablet uses In the event of a naval engagement of any magnitude the other eye being unaffected, many examples might be given. how erroneous these older views were, and has given us the proper

University, and physician in chief to the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, etc. Third edition.

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