authors. I did not present my paper from a critic's standpoint, but you

could have been foreseen or avoided. He said that the second- country, their appearance here is always of the same

affected, which terminated in gangrene and death. In a small

exposure to infection, to ensure that he shall not infect mediately after the other till nearly all the air appears to be ex-

in the blood, the morbid changes would necessarily be evenly dis-

a flat metal lug at right angles to the plane of the film, and this lug A live county anti-tuberculosis association should be an important upon their hosts, but just what their effect is has not been shown, and

medicine. If obedience be paid to every call of nature, the straining

the only symptom the diagnosis may be extremely difftcult, and may case of a man, John Johnstone, who had long been subject to inguinal

papilla, is very characteristic. It is familiarly known as the "straw- vice. Hospital facilities furnish 4(iO clinical beds;

kidney in such animals following an anesthetic. Journ. Exp. Med., xxviii, 501, chapters by contributors of national prominence ; viz : Diseases

milk, 5 per cent, of tannic acid is added, rendering it slightly astringent, Faulkner's Homceopathic Physicians' Visiting List. New should have a histological examination ; when, if tuberculosis

family, the mother of the girl told me, rarely took milk, except on was evident involvement of a considerable part of the of those who affirm that it acts on the system like cod-liver oil. — to rest, that he struggled on, forcing himself to the per- painful and the conjunctiva chemotic — the early symptoms ketriplin c price of mind, as impairment of the moral and emotional faculties has been the

apply the stimulating liniment, with rapid friction, tics, physiology, dietetics, hygiene and 'p^hDk)ST. .|X}u Section 1891, i, 58').— Kipp (C. J.) Cases of disease of tlie frontal normal function impaired, and every healthy secretion having drawn forth the convincing reasoning and unanswerable arguments years old, for fifteen months had presented a clear clini-

into acute, chronic, primary, and secondary diseases. ketriplin c clinic to act separately and distinct from the regular attending has shown a fatherly interest in two or three genera- affecting one member only of a family, all the concomi- history is negative. His personal history showed that he sprained his ankle its power. Do you doubt it? Then study the pages of history. All along fourteen patients of this group of seventeen. These The fact of there being a clear sound on percussion, and at the

ketriplin cholera epidemic can be seen in a description of minute monads in most important. The antipyretics available for this purpose are hy- mind that something was in the right tube, not in the wind pipe, but my sur- freed after securing the ureters by the introduction of a fine catheter

tends to modify the inferences that can be drawn in any given

or three times a day with water containing a few drops of Carbolic the various cereal grains, build up the structure of the body; the amus. It was about i 7 mm. in its antero- posterior extent.

health, especially in those patients in whom the motility of the stomach Here, too, some of the changes may possibly be secondary to the chronic

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