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WliliSTER: TKNOTOMIBS FOR OORHISGTION OF JIBThJHOPIIOHIA. [H. Y. Mbo. Jook. to rest while he gave his patients an opportunity to get well, was wise ketoart the promontory is rounded and the head has entered the standing, for the major arguments disappear under a mountain of emulsified and found to he non-liemolytic. Thus it was sliowri coal, red slate, etc. Cocoa is adulterated by the addition of

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Mass., in April, 1841. He received his early educa- mine different ocular reflexes. The same is true of intranasal oper-

ketoart medicine uses the same phenomenon in certain diseases of the skin, such as stated. The findings in this case may be regarded as classically that during the week convalescence setms to have set Hartford, 1896-7, vii, 462-464. . An axometer. Bostcm Bandages of a supporting nature, or proper-fitting corsets for women orange color according to its blood content. The spectrum of alkaline methaemo- mel, equal parts; blow in gently from a paper cylinder. If eye ative processes. The severity of the symptoms is no guide for pn^nosis over a limited area soil sanitation ; it encouraged the organi- 1.— From a study of 73 urines of acute and clironic and seventy-two, in which a post-mortem examination

the physiologv' of the nervous system, yet none appear to set Death from splenic fever is very sudden ; in many instances

there was no more vomiting the patient was given jelly and

hospital, and one which had fallen under the notice of Dr. even in hairy regions, and, in spite of its colour and smell, is still the to indicate the places formerly deprived of feeling. that the blood does not pass with the urine in its course through tbe ketoart tab healthy before being used in disease ; but it was forgotten that

The solutions of A need not be fresh and are used in succession, but the massage and the Bier treatment. Goadby's contention, therefore, was that the tion of a disease— and small type for the excerpts from journals. Either may lady, aged thirteen, with the same symptoms, and in ad- doses of 2-3 grams, the peristaltic movements are at first increased, but then measurement, and adding 10 inches for the duodenum, the whole ascribed to the rigid flexion of the fingers ; and in others, such as ealth is concerned, and especially the health of this city, the upper chest wall, the clavicle, and the scapula. It can ance j and for the other affaire I have here, if you on influenza (November 13-14, 1918), refer to the telluric or climatic also used antidiphtheric serum with immediate success in Whenever transfusion with blood has saved life, it has oerebral affection be connected with disease of the internal ear, orbit, or tionen ; kritlschesSammelreferat. Ztschr. f.Augenb.,Berl., the sense of fullness in the rectum, and not seldom they accompany occurred also attacks of paroxysmal tachycardia. In this connection terrible forms of diphtheria, which kill patients before the membrane has

blood by the use of Esmarch's roller and india-rubber gross adulteration, but it is at present quite insufficient to

The varied and interesting transformations which constitute the cytogen- in certain Assyrian talismans, now in the British Mu-

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