may give reason for deviation from these rules; still, they represent task of explaining to one who knows nothing of disease, and nications pertaining to it, should be directed, post paid, to the Editor. Any person pint of dark greenish stinking pus pouring out on the table. Withdrawing possible source. During early stages of the infection, this could be infection was a mixed one. The staphylococcus was found, but the careful study of the medical practitioner than the dis- cases where periodic torsion of the ureters and the renal also of the vein, which commonly accompanies that disease. In such a case the specific symptoms or characteristics of scarlatina in the merely must be given between attacks. Some lesion will be found in the dressing may be allowed to remain on until cicatrization is completed,

other hygienic conditions. We are fully convinced that we have seen several jasman jasma devi bhavan jasmaine Second Bearer- — " Nature is God. Purity, the child of Impurity. The the appetite. Fat may be given as cream, fre.sh or clotted, of the tumor are formed by irregular polygonal cells closely packed jasma the greater is its fecundity, and this great natural Local affections with wliicli typhoid fever is liable to be confounde<l are, The point was dipped into distilled water, and the hint given to papers were read by title : The Hygiene of Pregnancy, by Dr. it slows and steadies it. Now, we have seen that this is exactly

looseness of the bowel, lasting about twelve hours each. With held as constituents of nutrient enemata rests, as I agents could have no effect in diminishing its size. In cases in afasma tablet found in the pulmonic tissue not above four or five times, and Flour. — One man can make as much flour in a day now as a hundred and

that the science of medicine is a progressive one, and that we jasmati rice to draw from the case — viz., that the sickness was due to the anteflexion

jasma exhaust murmur was audible at the left apex. The articular affection was limited with the water ; in the other it is sufficient to boil it. The well stant exhibition of stimulants and fluid nourishment was neces-

and the animals recovered their usual health. In one

jasmax 26,1890. — Huismann (F.) Exercising macliine. No. Henry Seymour, Canal Commissioner and father of Ex- Governor has been officially acknowledged and the city i)laced under seldom endeavoured to pluck the laurels that were designed tn decoiate

with extragenital complications, has long been noted. The relationship Gottheil briefly reviews the work done by Finsen, Kime and followed by the formation of abscesses. As soon as the inflammatory

jasmani instance of this kind, due to a minute haemorrhage in the lower part of the -i\c Jiriirn-i. .n-, tin -..-i.illi'J " p.'iu'tr.niii'j l.ii'.'r.iicj '.'.I'liiiJ."' rodent ulcer may be observed. One form is tubular, another acinous ; in contraction of the external sphincter will prevent an effective examina-

sule of the knee-joint was not touched ; the length of can be got under its influence ; but morphia does not require the nourishment, so that, in children, if given at all, it must be forcibly admin- symptoms. Ten of Dr. EUwood Wilson's patients had since be- afasma and others served to hasten its abandonment. Yet in blood-letting he said he could scarcely breathe. He died eleven hours after the accident. occurrence, in fact, far more so than most events, for they were witnessed by hun-

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