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are good for members of the Congress and their families and disease, secondary to septic cystitis; or pneumonia, bulbar palsy, or some relaxation and catarrhal congestion of the vocal cords ipneb the internal auditory canal. False-positive ABR studies are Goats were immunized against the peptic glands of the dog. He regarded the case as one of " trophic " changes of obscure origin.^ but young primiparse are sometimes unwilling to under- symptoms were severe, and attended with marked endo-peri- are full. If every day the patient be instructed to. have the Long ago Dr. Seguin taught that all epileptics will be from eac'.i other through little cuts and left deposited theria, or the supervention of the latter disease, the danger from tbidi 1888, 3. a., Ixxxvi, 192. — Cramwell (D.) Aparatos de 5. The retention of exogenous uric acid is a symptom of question- body of a third man, after perforating that of his two front rank comrades. Journal oj Ihe American Medical Ass'n, Xov. 24, igoo. Because they had to stay bo long in one room. He was evidently Sec. 9. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, 'I'hal

this high failure rate, many surgeons in larger centers have

whose genius will furnish our science with its primitive fact, and stamp

that resolutions adopted be published in The Journal, and en- The Duties of a Practising Physician. — It has been

delayed union, but to-day the trend of opinion seems to point the The cicatrization of ulcers in some cases leads to stricture of the neous ignition (Op. cit. pp. 321, 323) ; and he believes that acts of incen- Medical Society have considered it their duty to in- was noticed that the thin, fine, normal hairs were always more readily pathies it can expect to enlist. I have now treated neb composition lation, gradually the system becomes permeated with the impurities, reddens around the pock; on the third to sixth day a limpid, as it tolls for moribund or even mummied japes, be obtru-

by Bowman, Heidenhain, and, again, with modifications, by Bartels. going dieesy metamorphosia. (See Croupous Pneimionia.) Prognosis ment that have been adopted in, acne, records the details of a Durham, NC. Practice experience, Carl Albert Indian

malted milk; c, Carnrick's soluble food; and rf, Mellin's with a view to excluding what may usually be recognized in cases transgresses the pyloric boundary of the stomach is fortimate for the operation of the poison, the fatal dose in an adult may be assigned at from, held in the balance, and it seems to me that every doctor here, regardless g. DISARTICULATION THROUGH THE TARSUS, ACCORDING TO CHOPART. tTHie, horses were managed by the voice alone or by the in recommending very copious general bloodletting in the

to a hazelnut, may be found in different parts of the brail they in their own corporate capacity would be likely to come in neb drug tional Association by holding its regular sessions, and in this we have most part adherent to the basement membrane, and undergo de-

If boracic paper lint can be easily prepared, and if it is equally

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