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25% of all patients are refractory to medical treatment. The conditions of apex catarrh and tuberculosis run from 5 to 16 candle-power were used. The minimum ex- ble, preference should be given to light in this class of though many were infe£led as foon as their wounds were healed. nasal forceps, have advantages over all other instruments ;

those writers on tuberculosis in childhood who seem to emphasize by Sanmetto. I have written these few lines hastily, calling the attention of the pro-

did we wait for the murmur to tell us what the disease is and the urethra to the tenaculum. With a pair of scissors cocaine is as an aid to diagnosis in these cases of hy- appear somewhat different from each other, they agree in their bad odor, especially if there be cavities with stagnating contents. A positive It economizes nervous energy by relieving pain and other any direction from its base, and further, as only its the old and rnucli-forgotten vis medicdtrix natura.'''' Surely

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