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tiguous villages, with a joint population of 2,000 or over, to

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which attention is here directed may be briefly summarised

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Sonsino, many years ago,' remarked the presence of empty

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of local rates having to meet expenses which, if cholera pre-

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ROGERSON, C, M.B.Lond., appointed one of the HousePhysioians to the

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ment, has also retired. His lirst commission is dated March SCth. 1872 ;

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ing along the diapliragm until pus is reached, or, far better,

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HENDON imiON. Edgware.— Medical Officer for the Willesden No. 2

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ively. The patient made an excellent recovery. The bowels acted

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and considered that the resolution of the Council relating to

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l,0(W in the preceding two weeks, declined again to 20 9 during the week

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commence his further studies in London. He became one of

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general practice. The following is from Joachim's trans-

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efficient ; the waterclosets are all outside the building proper,

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gery Ci'ntleraen desirous of reading papei-s or showing cases will please

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The description of sanitary arrangements of houses is very

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ttii'k true hereditary! histwy had 156 brotliers and sisters,

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into the shallow pit, and the prepuce forcibly opened out

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the notifications are increasing. ^Ye have every reason to

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Blood given subcutaneously (Ziemssen," Silbermann®-)

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Colonies, according to the recommendation of the Camper-

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others in use. Liquor potassre, for instance, as a test for glu-

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the size of the original. The fainter characlers indicate the rubrics in the papyrus. Tlie MS. is in the Hieratic writing and reads as usual

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Johns Hopkins Hospital. The same remark applies to the

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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Preparations, etc. (Honorary

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was fixed in the lower angle of the wound by means of two

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1: Dental, daily, ii ; Tlu'oat, F.,1. Operation i-'oi/s.— (Oplithal-

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pp.280; six illustrations.)— This volume of the Transactions

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which are being taken by the authorities antecedent to the

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only having a few pocks. A similar state of things is

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familiar and coarser lesions of organ and function, the essen-

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piece of the third rib would have to be removed in order to

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it or in the trap beneath, but instead there was a consider-

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GOODWYN, Henry, L.RC.P., L R.C.S.Edin., reappointed Medical OQicer

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Mr. W. Rivington, Mr, J. Tweedy, the President, and the

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