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represent the endochrome as uniformly occupying the greater
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is intact, the deafness is not due to a labyrinthine
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way of stopping the external meatus will suffice for
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use of the chloroform and warm water vapour bath, and that for
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tenderness, constipation, vital depression, vomiting, tympanites,
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solemn mockery enacted by short-sighted and incapable officials, in the
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as the powers of nutrition fail, because every organ is depend-
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By experiment and by observation, then, we are led to these
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first forefinger, involving only the last phalanx, which was removed at the
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the foetus; upon the withdrawal of the instrument there was no
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Ri marks — The extent to which organs and tissues, of the most
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Doct. Hill agreed to render professional attendance at a less rate ; for
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to my increasing familiarity, both with the applicability of the in-
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pian Tube — Operation — Recovery. By WlLLAPJ) PARKEE,M.D. r
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had no alvine evacuation, but had vomited daily more or less
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that no school of medicine should be established or maintained where it
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my opinion, in the large majority of cases, rectal pain points to
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There is hence no difficulty in seeing that though the cells
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now, to be questioned, and that comfortable health may follow,
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The natural form of this organ was pretty well preserved, with

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