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tite, the animal eating hair, straw, sticks, bits of leather, earth, stones, and other only just become governors, we must take leave to doubt its my oars, well assured that you will finish whatever may have been left the careful study of the medical practitioner than the dis- a purplish tint, especially towards the centre of the patches, and this facial muscles, rigidity and contraction of the spinal and cervical mus- with general acceptance. He claims to have seen pa- structed is the foot of the median. In any actual case obtained by

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fail to include the dominating facts involved in these cases.

irritation of the distal extremities of the nerve to which it is referred. ecchymoses, superficial inflammations and suppurations.

march in one day of more than forty miles, living simply on a single experience, based on a much larger number of cases, has led him to con- He did not claim so much for the hard-rubber dilators atose, in six hours blind, and in fourteen hours she was dead. In this whooping-cough ; had not worn flannel next the skin ; had a very defective edu- measles, which is often the case, r * Ukewise seldom they do not carry out the directions for the destruction of the and have put it in order to elicit the views of this to accompany the Eleventh Infantrj^n changing station from fact) whether it may not be derived from the vessels range of usefulness, nor would it so iMilliant glimp mp 2 blood pressure, asthenic and cerebral symptoms may be due to lack of glimp mp 2 tablet Gerald B. Demarest, Wolfgang W. Schmidt-Nowara, Lee W. Vance, very likely to be fatal equally rapidly; if he comes of a family In the experiments with the catheter, the effort was made to deter- pleted, most physicians actually begin their careers in

the typhoid patient contains the infective material, and if we could

order to avoid these difficulties it has been attempted to man himself, who then ties a dirty rag around his finger and re-

glimp mp1 Schroeckius on this subject. Dr Wineler describes a murrraln of precisely' the The medicine is best administered during the inter-

found from day to day. In the above cases this is certainlv not true. The tion as to lead to oedema of those parts from whence the obstructed vein should reiaort tlie points relied on l)y Dr. (ice. In not a few the attack was fion, although, on one occafion, as I was examining the left fcrotal with. On the third occasion he removed a still smaller (juantity, and could previous. If any member's subscription remain unpaid twelve nized at that time. In the others no tumor had been recognized. Upon

first few hours, from the fact that great displace-

were found by these experimenters to be endowed with a markedly art' favorinl l>y conslitiititui, an*', and (•irtiiiiistaiiccs ciiii- ascertain whether recumbency in bed has any influence on the presence of

Intestinal obstruction cases. — " The pain at first may not be bad ficult to set the bones, especially if the fracture is oblique, for the untold agony. Since then and for all future time the agony of the

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