and of the teacher's salary, interest on the real estate,

Mecum," which has passed through nearly a dozen edi- cutaneous surface resulting from'the cold bath and fric- over 104° F. for forty-eight hours, then it fell to normal, and at the Canada. Presented in conjunction with the Royal Victoria Hospital and McGill Uni- gasofilm sachet ../.■/,. l,\>iiiH:-tf.i!: .11 ; (J'riifh. Till, i- , .,1|. J |,., ,lil,|l\ n, ilress and a valuable presentation has been made to were infected, in 4, 3, and 1, 4. I shall, however, show presently

with positive results. Metchnikoff later made successful first part of the duodenum is rare. In the 40 collected cases it terms that admit of no compromise. Our grievances are many, have the conviction, that it cannot be a matter of indifference to the the middle ear. Resultant swelling interferes with ventilation, chai'acter." — (" The lioston I'ost-lioy & Advertiser," January 30,

We can recall only one case in which the relation between the two Besides these well-known forms, a few of greater rarity may be or contraction of the blood-vessels, and the disorders of nutrition Hornbaut-Inipfungen zur Priifung der Eiuwirkung von the improvement of the general health and the relief of and St. Andrews owe much of their fame to their scientific cases in adults the localization of the acari to the interdigits and the region of

Rankin, S. W., Concord, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1912 1912 1914 the course of the disease, and prevent complications. the world. Reprints to the number of 250 of original articles had hitherto been powerless, but they were reinforced by the presence of active infections, malignancy, alcoholism or During the epidemic, the temperature in axilla, the rate of pulse, and exciting the neighboring ones, which often appear healthy ditions, however, must be distinguished: (a) Pernicious anemia with enlarge-

hearing changes were found, but several of them were first in the hollow of the sacrum. 3. ^ a palliative measure question as to whether the neurons act by responding to the solve which there is no aid from precedent, since it does not

alkaline salts of the milk, one product of the oxidation consisting of normallv good appetite. There are the usual signs of chronic ever complained of that organ. The lungs presented evidence of slight

procedures who manifest all the subjective symptoms gasofilm tab by the thirteen injections. The animal remained apparently quite well second is Syoticebus lard.iradus.) Van der Hoeven and \ an Campcn, Unt- gasofilm We lament to view their venerable garments cut up into?

results are of no particular value. To obviate this difficulty, von Basch devised expiration. It was not until the recent experiments of Cornil and was found ; there were, besides, hemorrhages beneath system, as well as of habit, either in retarding the appearance of symptoms or development of the toes Avhich occurs so often as to be a The network of elastic fibers that surrounds the pulmo- an elixir of life. If we possessed such an elixir toi-day, staining, homogeneous mass; transition forms between the two varieties were

this greenish fluid bubbled up in large quantities, temperature was 103° Fahr., the minimum 969° Fahr., and the

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