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We invite the closest inspection of our improved bottling equipment at the Springs,

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and four hundred and fifty years ago, em- As many of you are aware, I took rather

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posure to the air occasions a brownish Btain, whi fficult to be

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cellular tissue, fat, etc., which remain's in the orbit, will constitute a cush-

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cussing the treatment of dirt-eating, attrib- ed by gas) of intestine are present from

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" Eeport," carefully, and our conclusion is, that Dr, Dickinson's

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past experience, and has occurred more than once in the course

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teria. Frequently in closed lesions nonpathogenic organisms

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tion. When of traumatic origin it is most phatic supply and the numerous glands be-

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brownish-red color, and the e^^elids are sometimes swollen.

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We are gratified to see our distinguished countryman, Prof,

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cially from tissues of diseased animals, suggests the desirability

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slips off two closely-fitting rubber caps with which the necks are closed:

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trace, as did tlie test made with alkali and iodine, lately pub-

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reticulum are soft and those of the omasum are often dried, a

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28th to May 5th. Had a chill every day, followed by fever, notwith-

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ted, common and traumatic, soft and callous, dilatable and undi-

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tient with an anxious, weary expression of countenance, ande

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tablishing a pest house in the shape of a I have never seen a case in the pest house

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W. W , foreman in the establishment of Messrs. , be-

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urine was diminished by alcoh >me other narcotics. The

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the people — the establishment of truth and justice — the suppress-

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nearly the entire area of both upper lobes but granting both factors as a cause Glyco-

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stance, especially the walls of the vessels, infiltrated with

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The so-called "resinoid gelsemin," ^iiich is also much em-

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their authors, are losing ground, the pen- where reaction to the cold bath is not pos-

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chloral, 97"5 ; average evening, not taking chloral, 98'5. Taking

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the evening ?" At this time Lady C was 80 years old, and

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