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up to the margin of the cornea, Here the point of the

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period of reaction, and soon, if urine be not secreted, becomes excessive.


elastic to the touch. They are scanty, or numerous and crowded, and

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some hemorrhage may be entirely set aside. Infiltration

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examination and be placed on an official register. The value

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candidate shall be considered eligible for the medical staf!' who

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rience had modified or corrected, and which men of less experience could not

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Some of these cases appear to depend upon excessive thirst, aris-

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days when medical literature has attained such bulk : namely,

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Dijon, in 1713, in which the accidental breaking of a coffin,

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pill consists of extract of nux vomica (gr. ^), extract of bella-

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ed on the Eye, by M. Mondini, of Bologna. It relates chiefly to the pig-

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contraction ring to the internal 03. It appeared to her i)robable that the ring

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periority of warm over cold climates in the treatment

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of the apex are under most unfavorable conditions for

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a complete reorganization of the French Medical Aviation Service,

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tions; Britannia metal, 50 tin, 4 antimony, 4 bismuth, and 1 copper.

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the fact that all were vegetative when acute and markedly deform-

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nienagogue succeeds or the morbid obstacle resists its

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come more pronounced immediately after taking food than in neurasthenia

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berg (H.) A sliortreviowof the fever epidemic in Kings-

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iH tH k£3 (M OS OS .OS lOa0CO^tr-iPCD00t-rH00'*'<*l^t-G<I00

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behavior of either shark or skate; but, on the other hand, the

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the colon, some of these symptoms may be absent, and replaced

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Freckles. Should be used In connection with Acne Tablets No. 49. Samples for trial and literatnrs

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Dr. Joseph Czarsty, Chairman of the Council, presented

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been itching to say for some time. I told the physicians at the

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CARDIZEM However, skin eruptions progressing to erythema

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the related part of the body rises, the arteries become

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of the symbols usually connected with figures of Hygeia,

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feel the insufficiency of our present knowledge and realize

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