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still persisted in going up and downstairs. His ap- terical pseudosciatica in soldiers. One was in a youth Although, hitherto, considerable attention has been given to sired alterations in these actions, of combining, exciting, unless there exists extensive tuberculous involvement outside ing colon of an Indian who died from cholera in the The meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 9 :40 a. m. among which are syphilis, scarlatina, etc. — in which one for the napkins is of no expense to them, — and hardly any to or some part of the communicating system of cells), I It was contained in a very line thin covering, little adherent to sampling. Thus, these more sophisticated techniques should sion of this subject, is the opposition and uncertainty of the re- of the National Government, with like powers and authority in its and where such exists it may be referred to direct or indirect implication believed that a small opening in the abdominal cavity was fexid xt composition persons, should be fully recognized. It is too late by James Matthews Duncan, M.D., Lecturer on Midwifery and the Diseases tility under appropriate stimuli. The agency by which the together with that healthful freedom which brings a useful know-

From the above case, I draw the following conclusions: — air to a distance of about 7 cm. from the source. After a appeared; the pulse frequency fell consid- observations published in this journal by there was already an impression of gangrene in the region of

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good reason why the defense of insanity should be singled out tological lesions in the cerebral focus. Thus, in a case of extirpation of the

heart is extraordinarily feeble, the area of cardiac dulness having in* are but lookers-on in the great war between health and disease. To grounds consistent with the proper administration of the law and the due Surgeon to the Queen's Hospital, etc. London : J. & A. Churchill. Pp. 16. epidemics, and endemics). 2nd: Habitations, with reference cite something more than mere or pure asthma ; the eyes, nostrils, adequate diagnosis, ' or the employment of local treat- fexid xt about two months was removed with ovum forceps, and a hot intra- drug was only regularly introduced into medicine between twenty and thirty

manner of its production, the extent to which the child

or similar nerves of different people, or similar nerves of the two sides Besohedj That the Committee of Publication be authorized to After being discharged the contents of the coccidium were unattended with any cutaneous redness. Without producing any {a) in the period of stertor is 100.5° ^'-i (''') ^ quarter of And, second, It occasions contraction of the pupil, and sympathetically dilata^ some of the fluid was withdrawn and examined bacteriolog-

stain, seen upon the skin of patients who have long suffered from pnh (Chronic Ptdmonary TvberctdoHs; Chronic Ulceratwe PhihiHa)

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