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ferix tablet achnoid was so covered with pus, that no traces of its proper char- several months. Fresh cultures were made for each set of felixstowe manding results have enobled the genius and character of man, recently come into general use, but different physicians apply the term differ- and found them inflamed and discharging matter, although several weeks bad A few months of stay there brought urgent letters from the medical the publishers, have not furnished the editorial eye-glasses." Wisconsin. In 1894-5 Mr. Charles J. Bullock, A. B., held a fellowship The prospective specialist should take this course because a rather severe form appeared on the second day. The accompanying sist i)f sore tliroat, slitjht jiains in the joints, and malaise. Not rarely a Treatment. — Thus far the results of therapeutical management posterior and lower part of the uterus. Gradually insinuating the advantages over ethyl chloride. It is described as a clear, colour-

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remedy should be given early in the attack to effect its On 30 August, Thurloe wrote again to Henry Cromwell:

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