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Anncils of Surgery, for October, igio, came to our notice.

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The folloTx'iiig cases of and deaths from cholera, yellozi<

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Orleans, La., and directed to proceed to Cairo, 111.,

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ease separate them — in a word, there would be less

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appearances of the inflamed lids and of thedischarge

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acuteness of the renal lesions in the beginning, and

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The Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania. —

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preliminary and after treatment, and our special im-

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2. Tubercle Bacilli in the Circulating Blood. — ■

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Irritation of the inedulla may cause polyuria and per-

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infection with absorption of toxines is predominant,

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ber, in this connection, that preceding the return of

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ture of the pelvis confirmed the diagnosis of frac-

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slightlv enlarged. Bones, tender. L^rine showing some

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At present, an important basis for the attack on the

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celebre for several reasons, not the least being its

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month of August, 1910, there were reported to the Board

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